Cleopatra Lorintiu was a diplomat of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs  of Ambassade de Roumanie a Paris - Hôtel de BéhargueRomania  at the Embassy of Romania in France, between 2002 -2006 during the mandate of Its Excellence Mr. Oliviu Gherman (2002-2004) and during the mandate of Its Excellence Mr. Sabin Pop, Ambassadors of Romania in France.

She was charged as a First Secretary for the Political Affairs, Press and Communications, attached to Education  and Research, for Community life and the Romanians abroad.Salon du livre

It took part in the many conferences, international  conferences  and with the activities of the Centre of the Foreign Press, Club of the Arab Press and Association for the Foreign Press.

In 2003 she was invested in the promotion of a European program   carried out by UNITER and supported in France by the Cultural Agency Lizarine. (La memoire des passeurs realized by Anca Berlogea and Dragos Galgotiu).

The launching of film carried out by Anca Berlogea took place in the Great Reception Hall   of the Palate of Bhéague (Salon d’Or) , in Paris, with the collaboration of François Xavier Tramond (Director of Lizarine Agency) .

Avec le president Ion Iliescu pendant l'interviu accordé pour Al Ahram salon d'Or Hotel de Bheague 2003She  organized press conferences for the official Romanians in visit has Paris.(See Events)
She organized the exhibitions of painting and sculpture of Radu Feldiorean (to the CAPE “Maison de Radio France “Paris  , (November 2004) and of Mihai Bandac (February 2005) and the exhibitions  of visual art to the Town Hall of Asnières sur  the Seine with the collaboration of the Town Hall of Asnières on the Seine and Association Sever Dron.

She participated  of  the activities of the Club Grande  Europe, Foundation Ithaka, Europe 2020, Centre Europe, Paris Cellidea IPSE, and of the ENST Bretagne.

She collaborated with:

World Union of Free Romanians


Europe 2020

The Ithaka Foundation

The Lizarine Foundation

The Taiga Foundation

The Association of Friendship of St.Leu La Foret

Club Grande Europe
Congers of the Executives Romanians in Paris Club and  the Council of  for Romania in Paris.

Consulting for “Studies of the audio-visual landscape and the public policies of the country “carried out by IMCA for the European Commission, Directorate-General Education and Culture, March 2004.

She encouraged the relationship between French  agricultural colleges, universities, center of IFAID Bordeaux, catholic education and Romanian partners. 

Cleopatra Lorintiu avec le directeur Andre Chomette,Brest avril 2005 Reception a l'ambassade de Roumanie 2003 Cleopatra Lorintiu pendant une reception Pavilion Dauphine 2003

Like former diplomat she participated in international summits and forums like

Paris, 2010 Assemblé Nationale ,

Forum de Fez,Maroc  December 2010


le 28 juin 2011.Cleopatra Lorintiu au Forum Fez-Cleopatra Lorintiu.com