Brief introduction

Cleopatra Lorintiu is a writer, poet, journalist, columnist, publisher, producer, TV director, distinguish reporter and diplomat.

Cleopatra Lorintiu,Paris 2006.Photo by Bernard Brumberg.
Cleopatra Lorintiu , New York, 1992

Cleopatra Lorintiu appears to the public under several facets.  She is a Romanian writer, poet, journalist, TV producer, reporter, columnist and she was also in the others domains like diplomacy, editions, public relations, and non-governmental topics. It is a common denominator her atypical itinerary and also strong respect of principles ideals and convictions.


Cleopatra Lorintiu pentru TVRinternational 15 octombrie 2015
Cleopatra Lorintiu for Romanian TVR international Channel, 15 October  2015


cleo paris 2003 dintr-o emisiune tv
Cleopatra Lorintiu, Paris, 2003.Screen capture from a TV movie.


Cleopatra Lorinţiu în platourile Samanyolu.2013Istanbul
Cleopatra Lorinţiu  on the Television set  Samanyolu.2013,Istanbul


in ultimele zile de toamnă caldă
October 2015 during footage for a documentary, Bucharest


She published books of poems, novels, short stories, interviews, travel impressions, and literature for children. She has published verses, short stories, novels, essays, articles in almost all the prominent newspapers and magazines for 30 years in Romania. Fixed columns of theatrical, literature, television chronicle, cultural essays, and literature for children. Some poems and short stories were published in French, German, Russian, Arabic, and English.

cleo 1 october2015 in the office
Cleopatra LORINTIU  October 2015, Bucharest, Romanian Television Broadcast

In her artistic documentaries for TV or radio broadcast, on subjects of big interests or unusual issues, in the TV broadcasts for the Romanians abroad, produced and realized as freelancer and producer of a weekly broadcast for the native Romanians in Chicago, USA, for the Romanian public Channels TVR1, TVR2, TVR I, in her reportages or sketches of atmosphere, portraits of the personalities or literary reports, Cleopatra Lorintiu strewed metaphors, poetic or playful senses, a humanist message and the trust in the long-lasting cultural values. She has realized reportages, documentaries, and commentaries for the in different countries like. Canada, Italy, China, Thailand, USA, EAU, Greece, Morocco, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Moldova. Gradually she moved closer to other genres and invisible boundaries and often unclear, who attracted.

During her youth she has written extensively on childhood and children’s readers: the compass was turned towards the world of wonderment and discovery of feelings. The tales, stories published in magazines, in books, staged in theater performances on the radio, or chosen by the authors of textbooks often remained in the memory of young readers.


Cleopatra Lorintiu octombrie 2014, la Bistrita
Cleopatra Lorintiu octombrie 2014, la Bistrita

On one account to another scum of course the small kingdom of childhood, with his questions, his unspoken things, his overtures to the world. It’s time to the prose that begins: news, stories, and novels, even the circumstances are not always favorable. The novel „Abandon”, written and redone four times during the ’80s, under the gaze of the pitiless censors of the day did was never published, is included under the new title „Someone in the past” and other waiting in the drawers they are published. Journalism is still coming soon to the public: the interviews and confessions, literature memories.


She published the books:la_reine_au_pas_volees


The Queen of Stolen Steps Dacia Editorial House, 1978(poems),

The hours of Colors (Ion Creanga Editorial House),

The Story of the dragonfly, novels for children ( Libeluliada) Ion Creanga Editorial House,presque_imaginaire

The landscape of my absence – poems „Cartea romaneasca” Editorial House,

Holiday’s exercises – short stories „Ion Creanga Editorial House” 1984 .(For this book she received The prize of Bucharest’s writers, the same year. )

The Terrace with Oleanders – poems, Dacia Editorial House 1985,

The House with Wild Grass – short stories, national House of Editions 1985, Almost Imaginary – poems( „Cartea romaneasca „Editorial House 1987), There’s a distinct place,le_paysage-dont_jabsente Edition Sport Turism 1989(essays), The Little Girl I used to be – novel, Intact Editorial House 1992une_lumiere_supplementaire; and ”Universul academic” 2020 

Love doesn’t pass away – novel Luna Editorial House 1992,

The Lovers Tea – poems Quadrat press Editorial Housela_terasse_aux_lauriers 1994.

Interviews: No contract – Quadrat Press Editorial House 1994. (interviews with Emanuel Valeriu ),

Someone from the past – poems and short stories Luna Editorial House 1995.la_libellule le_the_des_amants-111



A Bunch of Dreams – short stories Mondocart Editorial House 1998.  

A supplementary light – essay and interviewsil_y_a_un_endroit_clair,”Muzeum „Editorial House 2000.  

Ephemeral Breathing – poems in Romanian and French Axa Editorial House 2002,Iubirea_nu_trece-3Fetita_care_eram_51

The vocation of the lonely way( Editorial House Carpathica)cleopatra_lorintiu_souffle_ephemerecleopatra_lorintiu_un_ghem_de_vise1coperta-Lorintiu-Palaria-de-pai




The straw hat, novel, Eikon Edition 2013, another edition 2014.

Short meetings( 2016 Charmides Edition),

There is a distinct place ( second edition),

The Short Years” Poetry,Anthology, Scoala Ardeleana Editing House 2019.


diplome_prixe_ Naji_Naamanjpg_cleopatra_lorintiu
Naji Naman Literary Prize for Cleopatra Lorintiu


In May 2010  : Cleopatra Lorintiu :  Honorary Award (for complete works) Naji Naaman.

lansare la bistrita
Cleopatra Lorintiu, Library George Cosbuc ,Bistrita, spring 2013.Book signing.

(For details see

Scurte întâlniri ,2016 Editura Charmides
Scurte întâlniri ,2016 Editura Charmides









”The Short years” Poetry antology 2019


Director of many artistic documentary films. She was a freelancer in Chicago for TV ethnic Chanel (1992-1994 )and a producer in National Romanian Television  (1994-2002) and (2007-2016).

Cleopatra Lorinţiu

Price of APTR (Association of the Professionals for the Television of Romania) for the documentary „Stefan Augustin Doinas” (Romanian poet) Excellence in the culture, 2001

In 2002, the film about the poetry of Odysseas Elytis was diffused during „The international meeting for women and peace made by Pact of Stability in Thessaloníki”, Greece.

She was awarded  by Price Eco Tour for the film of tourism for the film “The Cantacuzino Palace ”

In 2004 the film “Hobita, a state of the heart” on the life of Constantin Brancusi, was diffused during the festivals of the University of Nantes” France and by Poland National Broadcast.

During filming in the artist’s studio.Cleopatra Lorinţiu and Gribaudo, important plastic artist, Turin, 2000


cleopatra_en costume_maramures11 001
Cleopatra Lorintiu during the filming in Maramures


Eniko et Cleopatra a Paris
Eniko Szilagy and Cleopatra Lorintiu, 2013 in Paris


Cleopatra Lorintiu and Ileana Iliescu ( etoile du balet ) during the filming for the movie, 2002

She realized documentary about the personalities of the artistic life as opera singers artists Mariana Nicolesco, Marina Krilovici, about sculptors and painters like Ion Vlasiu, Ion Sălişteanu, Gabriela Manole Adoc, Elena Boariu about writers like Stefan Augustin Doinas, Romulus Vulcănescu, Gheorghe Tomozei, Tudor Opriş.The meeting with personalities of contemporary history like Manole Filitti or the princess Alexandra Caragea, the famous botanist Ovidiu Bojor, the conductor of Wien Orchester Gert Hoffbauer, the Italian artist Gribaudo or the photographer Eddy Novarro has been the point of departure for movies or pages written.

She made documentary films that evoke the personalities of the ballet scene, as Ileana Iliescu or Gabriel Popescu. He was a reference for the ballet in Romania. Famous Carla Fracci and Marcia Haydee studied with him, a friend of Nureyev , he danced in Balchoi Theater awarded First Prize in Moscow, in 1964, choreographies in Berlin, France, Great Britain, Suisse, Italy.( The Gold and the dust of the stage, documentary, 2001)

Friendship. Cleopatra Lorintiu and Gabriel Popescu, the big star of the ballet, great choreograph.

In July 2011 she received the Special Jury Prize in the Festival for the documentaries DOCUMENT.ART.XV The 15-th International Festival of Film on Art, Ecology and Tourism July 18-21 Campulung Muscel for the movie ‘The Letters from beginners” dedicated to the teacher and writer Tudor Opris.

In 2012 AWARD for a cinematographic portrait:„Benjamin Fondane, our Tragic Ulysses”.

 Cleopatra Lorintiu , Aworded for the best art documentary,International Festival 2011.
Cleopatra Lorintiu received awards at the International Documentary Festival DokArt film.

   At the fragile border between journalism and literature, she began a series of portraits, testimonials on one time on people who have given value to their lives, people who have established themselves in the collective mind as the values and examples. Her interest for nongovernmental topics in modern society, for international policy and geostrategic issues, for public relations, and the four years as a diplomat in Paris (2002-2006), complete an itinerary still dynamic.

Geopolitics issues

Cleopatra Lorintiu was a diplomat of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Romania at the Embassy of Romania in France, between 2002 -2006. (First Secretary for the Political Affairs, Press and Communications, attached to Education and Research, for Community life and the Romanians abroad.)

Currently, she is Deputy Director( Diplomatic Conselleor) in  Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel.( 2018-2020)

Like former diplomat, was corespondent  for  the Observatory, Geo Strategic Studies in Paris,expert of CMIESI Morocco,

correspondent of ” Geopolitica Review”, a journalist at National Broadcast Television in Romania, and Chief editor of the ZAMAN ROMANIA( Romanian edition of the Turkish Journal) between 2013-2016.

Member of Advisory Board of Intercutural Research Center, Lumina University of southeast Europe. She heads The Francophonie Departement and the Communications and CCERPA Think Tank and Chief editor of the Magazine „Romanian/Arabic Cultural Horizon, publishd in 26 May 2016. 

Lansarea revistei Orizont cultural român arab 26 mai 2016 CCERPA
Lansarea revistei Orizont cultural român arab 26 mai 2016 CCERPA


Ambasadoarea Algeriei la Bucureşti, dr.Dirar Kutaini si Cleopatra Lorintiu, seara algeriana la CCERPA moderata de Cleopatra Lorintiu dec 2015
Ambasadoarea Algeriei la Bucureşti, dr.Dirar Kutaini si Cleopatra Lorintiu, seara algeriana la CCERPA moderata de Cleopatra Lorintiu dec 2015

She moderated The Algerienne evening in CCERPA and preparing a new publication ” Horizont Romanian Arabic”

Cleopatra Lorintiu moderind masa rotunda Turcia incotro INS oct 2015
Cleopatra Lorintiu. Conference INS, Bucharest, October 2015.

She was the moderator at conferences on topics such as The Freedom of Expression in Democracy (12 October 2015 National Institute of Statistics with International Cultural Dialogue and Global Intelligence News ) or The Freedom of Media ( 2015) University of Journalism, Hyperion.Bucharest.

eu cu charlie hebdo
Cleopatra Lorintiu moderating a panel of debate about the Freedom of media after France’s terrorist attack, 15 January 2015 University Hyperion, Bucharest

She participates in debates about European Dialogue Mediterranean ) 2014 , Senate of  France with  AFACOM)

Cleopatra Lorintiu Casablanca 1996
Cleopatra Lorintiu during the travel in Morocco, Casablanca,1996


cleo bistrita martie 2013CONEXIUNI CASA DE CULTURA
Cleopatra Lorintiu, meeting in Bistrita, House of Culture, march 2013.










Other activity: Diplomatic activity in Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  like a diplomat in the Romanian Embassy in Paris(2002-2006) and Diplomatic Counselor as deputy Director in Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv( 2018-2020).


The short years, here they have come /The old meanings  unfolded by themselves/ All that strength in vane./ The meaning I had lost /The false meaning, disbanded /The frail heart. /Reality, how queer /The compact cold. And the memory, stripes, stripes./ Feathers flying from an old pillow. /Take a step and you ram The unseen wall./You reach out with our hand and recover it bloodstained.

(from “The Terrace with the bay-trees “- poems – Dacia,1985  Translated by Zorin Diaconescu

gala cleopatra 22 noi 2013 de aproape
Cleopatra Lorintiu presents ZAMAN GALA,22 November 2013


invitati acasa la doamna adina nanu
Cleopatra Lorintiu, October 2015 Bucharest







Between 2006 and 2010 she was married to the French photographer Bernard Brumberg (1952-2014) .The premature death of Bernard Brumberg (Bucharest, March 1, 2014) following a severe illness, leaving immense sorrow in her heart.

Honorary Citizen of the Bistrita Nasaud Department , Awarded 22 December2016

la Ceremonia de acordare a Titlului de Cetăţean de Onoare a judeţului Bistriţa Năsăud, 22 decembrie 2016
La Ceremonia de acordare a Titlului de Cetăţean de Onoare a judeţului Bistriţa Năsăud, 22 decembrie 2016

Ceremonia de acordare a titlului de Cetăţean de Onoare. Cleopatra Lorinţiu alături de radu Moldovan, Preşedintele Consiliului Judeţean Bistriţa -Năsăud
Ceremonia de acordare a titlului de Cetăţean de Onoare. Cleopatra Lorinţiu alături de Radu Moldovan, Preşedintele Consiliului Judeţean Bistriţa -Năsăud


Poetry Antology ” The Short years”2019