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Eniko  Szilagyi is an example of truly European, artist who
makes the demonstration of being European, a lifestyle and a way to be loved sparkling.

First some words about his artistic destiny, which is not usual, rather original and daring!
Stage actress, a tiller quickly noticed by the directors and the chroniclers of her university studies she landed major roles on theater’ stages in Romania at the Theatre of Targu Mures in Transylvania County, after Hungary and Belgium.
Between it and the film, there is a love story marked by a dozen roles, often symbolic.
I could talk about her roles in Romanian films (the ones she did in Hungary unfortunately I have not seen is to say in 2005 the paths of light – director Attila Mispal and 2000, the sun sets on the left – director Andras Fesos.)
But at the time when Eniko Szilagy was still living in Romania I was content to write the chronicles of our unique film review genre … conducted by Ecaterina Oproiu, playwright and a great lady of journalism.
Eniko was an actress totally flat, enigmatic candour, an ability to interpret ambiguous roles, always memorable, whatever be the director and the score.

In The last night of love, the first night of war – director Sergiu Nicolaescu 1982 it is a measure of the tiller, and also the subtle charm.

But it is the role of Mona 1985 The Star unknown for the novel by Mihail Sebastian TV film – director Eugen Todoran who really imposes the general public, because its images of angels and mysterious blond is remembered the emotional public.
In Miss Aurica – 1985, director Serban Marinescu – Poor  Ioanid -1984, director Dan Pita-that is the same world, the aristocratic world fallen, abandoned, old, a decadent bourgeoisie and humiliated by the regime after the second red war. Eniko In these films can always add subtle touches to his characters that describe the misery of a world saddened by giving it credibility.

In Path free – 1987 Director Nicu Stan,  Dangerous  fly- 1986 Director Francisc Munteanu
The secret of Bacchus – 1986 Geo Saizescu director, Horea, 1984 director Mircea Muresan, The bag of Dragonflies – 1983 Director Manole Marcus – Blackmail – 1983réalisateur Geo Saizescu – other roles, in different ways have marked his route so rich and original.
Eniko interpreted as roles in Hungarian on the theater stage and was shooting in the same time for movies in Romanian, she played roles in the theater on the radio in Hungarian and could recite poems in Romanian troubling.

Perfect, with great success in all theese  hypostases!
This bilingual fully mastered the projected another theatrical career, Hungary and after that, surprise, huge …
She also left Hungary for Belgium, and finally to France: his talent as an actress is in addition to his talent as a singer because it’s the music that wins. Eniko Szilagyi couverture pochette-Cleopatra Lorintiu.com

First encounter with the sound world of Kurt Weill (CD in 2007, Guillaume Rouzaud piano).
After another CD – Eniko Szilagyi Jean Musy sings its own songs … shows featuring songs but also Barbara Maria Tanase, great singer of Romanian post-war known for his voice full, specific and stage presence, artist fetish Brancusi and others too, who also sang in French.
In the CD the singer Klausenburg sprinkles the melancholy of a Transylvanian village, places of birth, memories and emotions. (Piano -Vivian Villani, Relearning – text Fabien Marc Bonnard, music Vivien Villani ,Cluj: Eniko Szilagyi text / M.F. Bonnard, music Vivien Villani / M.F. Bonnard ,My marriage: MF Bonnard text, music Vivien Villani)

Her  original performances are unforgettable like the Théâtre de la Vieille Grille –  A Kaddish for Barbara (for the piano Roger Pouly )
or October 2008 when she sings Kurt Weill, Boris Vian at the same theater, movie theater at L’Archipel, 17 boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris, Atelier Marcel Hastir, Brussels, in a concert-Brel Barbara Ferre- Brassens, the Blue Bird Theater – St.Wandrille Rancon (Normandy), the singer brought down the audience under his spell, convincingly in hard partitions and directories very demanding.Eniko Szilagyi et Cleopatra Lorintiu-Cleopatra Lorintiu.com

It’s his voice and how to interpret, to impose a general public demand and loves the little known and difficult trails to explore. It’s elegance backed by a simplicity that is the true art, pure, evocative and especially affects the emotions. She has an audience it reaches a bewitched, as one writer so aptly put it, speaking about one of his shows!

The European Eniko Szilagyi -Romanian, Hungarian, Belgian and French at the same time, those who live for art and his miraculous powers to heal the souls and also overcome the intransigence, the one that easily exceed the boundaries.

 All borders of this world, including those of thought …