Between 2002-2006 she  organized events and press conferences  in Paris as a diplomat of The Romanian Embassy , for:

Ion Caramitru, president of UNITER (Theatrical Union of Romania)  at “CAPE France” Centre d’ Accueil de la Press Etrangere” Centre of the foreign Press), Radio France, with the participation of Vanina Vignal, François Xavier Tramond of the Lizarine Agency, Anca Berlogea, director and Dragos Galgotiu,july  2004. Monsieur Ion Iliescu reçu a l'élysée par Monsieur Jacques Chirac le 21 novembre 2003

Mr Ion Iliescu, President of Romania,(recived by Jacques Chirac president of France) press conference in OCDE Center  with Donald Jhonston, General Secretary of OCDE and the journalsits of APE  ( November 21, 2003)

She organized the interviews granted by the Romanian President for: Michel Bounajem for Asharq Al Awsat ,London ;Khaled Saad Zagloul,for Al Ahram (25 nov 2003),Daniele Zapalla for the newspaper    Avenire ,for Pierre Ganz ( Radio France International) and  Alain Louyot L Express 27 novembre 2003 .Presedintele Ion Iliescu in interviu pentru Al Ahram

– Daniele Zapalla pentru ziarul italian Avenire
– pentru Pierre Ganz ( Radio France International) et Alain Louyot LExpress  27 novembre 2003

Mr Traian Basescu, president of Romania, November 22, 2004 to the CAPE.(Centre for Foreigners Journalists) with Michel André

Mr Mircea Geoana, Romanian senator, ex-minister of the foreign affairs received at the Senate in Paris ,invited by Institute of Foreseeing  and Strategy  IPSE 2 June 2005 ,Paris Mircea Geoana

She organized a multitude of meetings, meetings of young poets and other activities in the literary field. (1980-2002)

She participated of the literary symposiums, festivals, meetings and of journalists, the meetings with the public, launchings for its books or other authors. (1984-2001).

As a president of ” Luna editions House”, it was also artistic business manager and organized the production  of Rumanian traditional music records and the publication of a book on the traditions and the habits of Transylvania (Roots of Maria Peter) (1993-1999).

She participated in the cultural events in several cities in the country and abroad:  Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi, Buzau, Suceava, Bistrita, Nasaud, Ineu, Oradea, Braila, Craiova, Ramnicu Valcea, Brasov and Toronto, Chicago, Detroit,Vien, Viterbo, Belfort, Brest,Geneva, Thesalonik.

She hosted a “Night Romanian television, in 1992 Bistrita with the participation of authors, scientists, professors, (writers live transmission). Professor TudorOpris, writer and host of literary coteries and the pharmacist and botanist Dr. Ovidiu Bojor were among the guests this evening.

She  organized meetings with the children at the Library „Ion Creanga” between 1985-1998 for the launching of its books:
Cleopatra Lorintiu - La LibelluleTudor Opris and Ovidiu Bojor-Cleopatra
The Dragonfly
– tales for children – Editions Ion Creanga -1985.
Illustrated by Elena Boariu.

Exercises of holidays – tales for children – Editions Ion Creanga -1984, illustrated by Doina Botez,

The small young girl who I was – Romance for children – Editions Intact -1992.
Illustrated by Octavia Taralunga,

Swell of dream
– tales – Mondocart Editions -1997.
Illustrated by Octavia Taralunga.

The Golden age of Kenneth Grahame – Edition Ion Creanga -1984, illustrated by Stefan Damo.

I found a princess of Kenneth Grahame – Edition Albin -1994, illustrated  by Octavia Taralunga.

In several events dedicated to the children readers it received the support of the artist Octavia Taralunga.

1992-1993 counselor  for the publisher Quadrat press , she  organized events arts to promote the  books like “Any contract” ,its interviews with Emanuel Valeriu, the Theatre of Paul Everac (with a foreword of Cléopatra Lorintiu) or Enesco de Corneliu Galben (with a foreword of Cléopatra Lorintiu Lorintiu).Copenhague Cleopatra lorintiu Steven Carter Ovidiu Bojor-Cleopatra

 Between 1998-2000 she  organized events to promote the theory of the Ubiquinone Q10(CoenzymeQ10) and supported campaigns for the nutritive supplements (events of the Pharma Nord company in the Corbu village, department of Olt with Birgitt Emborg for the underprivileged people).

During The International Opera Contest Hariclea Darclee from Braila,2001, she organized for Mariana Nicolesco,important Romanian opera singer,  a series of tv movies with the participation of Radu Varia, (art critic , specialist in Bracusi’s masterpiece) and Marco Balderi(Italian orchestra conductor who began his career after winning the International Competitions of Salzburg and Alexandria.
Boule de rêve - Cléopatra Lorintiu - Copyright©2007
Besides the activities related to research and teaching will multiply during the post as a diplomat in Paris will follow visits University of Strasbourg, home associations Lyon (exchange Romania), Saint Jean d’Angely (after the Mariana Nicolesco and Cleopatra Lorintiu-Cleopatra Lorintiu.cominvitation of the Director of the Centre for European culture), or in Lyon, meeting private agricultural secondary school teachers, at Montlucon school or around the Allier:
debates, conferences, roundtables, simple interviews or participation in cultural events.In 2005,after  the invitation of Professor Sorin Moga, she went to Brest to  graduation has Minescu Bogdan, a young graduate Romanian (future research scientist) at school in Brest  engineering school major research center International).(Remise diplomes Brest 2005-Cleopatra Lorintiu.coml’Ecole nationale supérieure des télécommunications de Bretagne )

( in the photo, right )

In 2005,  she organized in Paris, two painting exhibitions:

The first one, is “The Seasons” ,exhibition of  the painter Romanian Mihai Bandac ” and another one , exhibition of  the painter Radu  Feldiorean (artist  from Bistrita) in the Centre Home of the Foreign Press (maison de Radio France, premier etage) and the City  Hall of Asnières sur Seine (with the support of  Sever Dron, former tennis champion ,president of an Association ).

peinture de Mihai Bandac exposition Asniers sur Seine France

On the occasion of the opening of ” Bandac’s paintings ”  in Paris, ( radio House, av. Kennedy) she spoke about  the artistic work of one of the greatest landscape painters of the contemporary Romanian art, the master of color, so much appreciated by artists and partly by poets, known as the painter of poets.
lancement livre Bibliotheque Academie Roumaine-Cleopatra

In 2009 she became involved in the launch of his book critical ” The Vocation of the lonely path” to the memory of his colleague generation, writer Artur Silvestri, May 29, in the town of Ceahlau (Neamt County ) and the book fair in Bucharest. ( Romexpo)

In September 2010 she participate to events in Romanian Library Academy from Ceahlau avec mariana Braescu-Cleopatra Lorintiu.comBucharest  (photo) and in The Pedagogic National Library (Biblioteca Pedagogica Nationala I.C.Petrescu din Bucuresti) with Mariana Braescu for the apparition of her  book about Artur Silvestri’s literature:  ” The Vocation of the lonely path”.

 In 2010 she received The Naji Naaman Literary Prize for literature (Beirut) “Honor prize for complete works in recognition of the meritorious manuscript Anii Scurti and has become honorary member of  “Maison Naaman pour la Culture”

June 19 , 2012.In the session of scientific papers Globalization Between Myth and Reality organized by the Faculty of Journalism at the University Bucharest Hyperion she has a presentation on topics related to the think tank, journalism and geopolitical developments and strategy.

In  the  University  Magazine she public the article ” And yet throughout the Arab moving there are big differences. Media and communications.The Kingdom of Morocco or the” specific” difference.
The Moroccan Interdisciplinary Center for Strategic and International Studies CIMESI, Laboratory of Communications and Media, geopolitical thought. Chance of the opening to the world.
Policy reforms in small steps. ”

Goleşti, 13-15 juin, 2014. His documentary movie  “The call of la goleşti

 of the muezzin” is projected during the events for The 75 aniversary of “Dinicu Golescu Museum” and The International meeting of UNESCO Clubs “Youth and museums”.