The sense of the interview Interview Radio Geta Adam-Cleopatra Lorintiu 2000
(confession of the author)

Which could be the sense of the interview today and if it is not a wasting of life it my question, today…

The question falls a little late because I already practiced the kind almost about thirty years.

A valid explanation (an excuse?) could be the desire to meet people, people of exception and knowing of advantage about them, their lives, their way of life.

I had the chance to have carried out my boat as I wished it, I chose my interlocutors and in the majority of the cases, my subjects, even during the difficult years. Moreover I note it today by looking at the list of interview made at the time…Une Lumiere suplémentaire - Cléopatra Lorintiu Copyright©2007

I lost, on the other hand, a lot of pages, the audio cassettes, even the newspapers, because it, the real life, was very fascinating, because the rhythm of the true life was so high and so important ,and not the idea to keep the evidences, the testimonies”
I always believe that the interview it is a proof “of humility”, very good for the young people and not only for them.

The important idea is that listen  the other, you voluntarily leaves yourself  in the half-light, another one  is under the lights of the plate, eh, that it is an interesting exercise…

When I was brought to gather my interview in a book, I just realized that there was few  interviews with writers.

By belonging to this literary world I did not have the necessary distance or I believed that they will be always accessible, and like all the apparently easy things you neglect them quite simply.

Maintaining when I think of the friendships and the meetings which marked my literary youth, the absence of the texts on Grigore Hagiu, Teodor Mazilu, Nichita Stănescu, Aurel Dragoş Munteanu, Ion Lăncrănjan, Nicolae Velea, Dan Laurenţiu, Virgil Mazilescu or Marius Robescu seem to me incredible.

I was too close to them, in this literary Bohemia of the Eighties ‘ or during the two years passed with Mogosoaia, in “the house of the writers” sheltered in the Elchingen Villa, near  the Castle of prince Brancoveanu… at the time it was impossible for me to imagine their disappearance!

I carried out this way with a kind of detachment because I am not somebody of courageous. I do not form part of the frantic journalists, whom one drives out by the door and who return by the window. If my interlocutors accepted the interview, this one it is made quite naturally, with a fate of calms and peace.

I acknowledge that I had the chance of the great meetings, of the memorable, unforgettable meetings.

Each time when I was likely to hear memorable words, a history out of the common run, the impressive memories I was happy.

It was, indeed, the proof that the interview could be a true exit of loneliness. Cleopatra Lorintiu pendant le tournage 2001-Cleopatra

(Extracted from the foreword of the book  “An additional light” Editions Muzeum, 2002).Cleopatra Lorintiu published also  her interviews in the books: “Youth” (1988),”An supplementary light”(2002) and “No contract ” (1992) interviews with Emanuel Valeriu.

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