In the field of nongovernmental Cleopatra Lorintiu expressed a predilection for the topics of the human rights, the freedom of the press, the women’s rights and to preserve the cultural heritage.

She is expert of CMIESICleopatra Lorintiu au Forum Fez 2011-Cleopatra

Participation in the 8th edition of Fez Forum on
Alliance of Civilizations, Cultural Diversity
and the Euro Mediterranean
the theme The young and the challenges of globalization
Fez, 09-12 December 2011

3-5 December 2010CMIESI 2010 Fez-Cleopatra

She participates to  the Fez Forum on the Alliance of Civilizations and Cultural Diversity held Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Marocco

The religious and cultural diplomacy in the service
world peace. “( CMIESI president Mr.
Abdelhak AZZOUZI)Forum de Fez decembre 2010-Cleopatra

Her lecture is delivered in the panel:

Diplomacy participatory service of the Alliance of Civilizations and Cultural Diversity under the title: “The components of a personal experience to show to others the beauty of better understanding between different cultures and peoples.”

(in the photo

Madame Danielle Cabanis, Professor  des Universités, UT1 Toulouse, France;Monsieur Michel Capasso, President de la Fondation Méditerranéenne, Italie,M.Garry Neil,Director General INCD, Canada, Mme Nathalie Fave, writer , Canada,Cleopatra Lorintiu ,writer, TV producer, former diplomat (Rumania)Monsieur Gora Mbodge, Sociologic, Senegal. 4 December 2010 City Hall of Fez, Morocco)

Cleopatra Lorintiu was present at the meetings of the “Centro per Evoluzione Humana” from Italy (in Rome and Viterbo) and reflected its activity in the Romanian media: newspapers, radio and TV broadcast as in the book „A Supplementary Light “ (1992-1994).Cleopatra Lorintiu et prof Michele Trimarchi et Louisa Lucianna Papeschi a Viterbo1991

Professor Michele Trimarchi (the president of the CEU), Luisa Lucianna Papeschi vice-president and Angela Maria Loretto sociologist, deputy for the public relations, visited Romania as representatives of the European civil wrights , and made party of the consultants to write the Romanian Constitution. Brasov Seara Femina VIP Cleopatra Lorintiu alaturi de Liliana Ursu, Georgeta Adam

Attached of press for the Association of the women heads of undertaking in Romania (1997-2000), participation in the activities Femina VIP Brasov.
She was chief editor for Genius review for young people(IV,1999) , and she encouraged the activity of The Foundation Genius.

Vice-President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs AFI Pro Familia
directed by Doina Monda. A friendship of 40 years with the lawyer Doina Monda from Bistrita, fueling his interest in the mid-associative From the creation of AFI Pro Familia far, she shows an interest in this subject. This NGO has created the first Center of Romania for the protection of women against violence and is now involved in promoting the concept of social economy. This topic has been the focus of debate in a symposium held under the auspices of Office of Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, March 27, 2011.

She gives her support for “Musical Youths” Romania, in rounds in Morocco and to France Belfort, International festival of Music.

She participated in many activities of UNESCO Club like launching of her book of interviews in the UNESCO Commission of Romania (photo on right)

She founded The Cultural Foundation Gh.Tomozei (Bucharest 1998) to preserve the cultural heritage (president of the Foundation. )

Co-founder and vice president of Association E.O.E.  for the mobility of young people in European Union (Paris 2006) with Lavinia Monica Cipere.

In 2000 she participated  to The  Meeting UNESCO in the “Center for Peace in Balkans” (Thessaloniki 2002) and it belonged to the panel for the press and communications and it presented the conference “the traffic of the people reflections and issues in mass media” Corée du sud -1999

Cleopatra Lorintiu took part like guest in the Conference for peace, media and communications of Seoul (South Korea) 2000.

Conference for the relation between  the European Union and the Arab world organized by the think thank Europe 2020, Kléber Hall , Paris

Conference on Peace UNESCO, May 2006, Paris.

Conference for peace in Geneva
, June 2006. peinture de Mihai Bandac exposition Asniers sur Seine France

She supported the activities of Franco Romanian Associations  like Asnieres sur Seine in France ,directed by Sever Dron , Romanian tensiman . She organized exhibitions of picture like for Mihai Bandac and Radu Feldioreanu in the City Hall of Asnières sur Seine ( 2005)


Activity to promote Cœnzyme Q 10, participation in Health Trends of Copenhagen Denmark (September 2002) and Viale –Denmark (2001) press attaché for Pharma  Nord in Romania 2001.

Between 1998-2002 she signs a weekly page on the alternative therapies in the magazine “Ioana” of the Burda  Company Romania.

In May 2010, Cleopatra Lorintiu received

 Naji Naaman’s literary prizes 2010 Honor prizes(for complete works): Prix litteraire Naji Naaman2010-Cleopatra

for further information see

(Released in 2002, in Lebanon, Naji Naaman’s literary prizes are awarded to authors of the most emancipated literary works in content and style, aiming to revive and develop human values.)

Since 2010 she is correspondent for Observatory of Geopolitical studies from Paris. (The observatory of geopolitical studies (OEG) is a French association, which has the aim of contributing to the promotion of scientific research in the various fields of geopolitics. This Association publishes the review Etudes Géopolitiques ( Geopolitical Studies) President of the association is Zeina el Tibi,French – Lebanese journalist. She is the correspondent in France of the weekly “La Revue du Liban”.Observatoire d etudes geopolitiques Paris-Cleopatra .
Director is Charles Saint-Prot, Historian and political analyst whose focus is on geopolitics, mainly
geopolitics in the Middle East. Chief editor of the review Etudes Géopolitiques (Geopolitical Studies).

Her activity in support of the Heritage Association founded by Artur Silvestri Romania was awarded the Association of Heritage in 2009 to publish his book and TV documentaries like  The Heritage Association a creation of ‘writer ArturSilvestri. Silvestri 12 oct 2008 Cleopatra Lorintiu-Cleopatra Lorintiu©copyright2008

Cleopatra Lorintiu is member of The Press Club Transatlantic from Bucharest (since 2012) and Special correspondent of Geopolitica -magazine of The Association of Geopolitics Ion Conea from Bucharest .(since 2010)



16 juin 2012,Bucharest

In the speech for  Zonta Club of members  (delegated by the chairwoman of the Association Pro Familia), Cleopatra Lorintiu presents a problem of this NGO the main objectives are combat violence in family help disadvantaged women, provide support to disadvantaged ethnic population Rome, creating  places of work, a social integration program for women who have been victims of violence.