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Among the documentaries and features on the city of Chicago developed and published by Lorintiu Cleopatra:

The Chicago Paradoxale Chicago , (television documentary):
Chicago, a city like the face of Janus (tv)
Democracy and belief in Chicago (tv)
Summer in Chicago (travel notes   in “Cotidianul”)
Reaching Chicago (in the book “An extra light” 2002 ,edition Muzeum )
Lake Michigan-Cleopatra
 from documentary 
                                    “Paradoxale Chicago” (1992)

“A metropolis attracts people in a magnetic change of the city life. Gather people who come from everywhere, weirs, puts them in different situations, offer unique opportunities and sometimes destroyed their illusions.
That’s Chicago, a way to be the American way of life, on the shores of Lake Michigan, a city famous and proud or is the famous “Sears Tower”, the rather high building in the world, as well as the memory of ‘Al Capone. Along with a lot of high buildings, The Windy City.

A city that had a bad reputation the 30s, when she was “muddy hole prairie” place of business sales, or we were doing trade with girls a bad reputation, and guns and whiskey. A city where anything was possible: A city lasts, infernal.
Placed on the door of the new colonies, stuffed wrong kind of people, livestock traders, players card, swindlers and bandits …
Today, when we contemplate the magnificent esplanades, if traffic arteries clear and clean,Lake Shore Drive that accompanies the edge of Lake Michigan, contemporary art, which is present everywhere in the city, the typical houses, perfectly aligned, with their white windows and flower pots on hard imagined history of the “muddy hole .. “Long Ago …
    Citizens of Chicago love their city and are very proud of its modern architecture, everyone can say by heart the names of famous buildings: City Hall, Fischer, Manhattan, Pontiac, Prudential, Reliance or Railway: silhouettes perfect, designated on the blue a day away. The Art of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Picasso is present in the city by putting a mark of artistic charm.
But the thing that impresses in Chicago is the chorus of democracy, in which both voice harmony; Chicago is an ethnic mosaic. People came of all parts of the world people have adapted to the American lifestyle, keeping their traditions, their customs. The officials, City Hall, stimulate the competitive spirit of the different communities. These can be found clustered in different parts of the city. 

Chicago has very nice suburbs quid, very exclusivist as Oakbrook, Morton Grove or Hinsdale, Chicago City universities and their campus students. The life of Mircea Eliade is linked to this place that has served him for academic recognition. He lived in Chicago for two periods of his life. (….)

 Cleopatra lorintiu en costume Maramures-Cleopatra Lorintiu.comEmissions from Maramures( Certeze), Sighetul Marmatiei, Cluj Napoca and Bistrita Nasaud for the Romanian public from Chicago : The Eternal Return.(1993)

Interviews for the emission “RomanianSoul” for Chanel 32  Chicago (Illinois) USA .

Interviews in Michigan and Detroit. (for the emission TV “Romania soul” during the years 1992-1994:

Leo Ioniță young painter non figurative, 14 year old regarded as a phenomenon, supported by his father, professor Adrian Ionita and his impresario, Jerry Sacks. Interview carriedduring the International exhibition of painting of Chicago“.

Tiberius Mihalache businessman specialized in air transport interview carried out in Indiana on its commercial activity.Interview granted in South Benth in 1994.

Nick Guțu, bussinesman from the documentary “About a succes story” in Chicago  and Fieni(Romania) 1994 and 1997

Jenny Wood who realized every week a  Romanian Radio  broadcast in Chicago,

John Rakolta Senior businessman and founder of an important company in the building, “Wooldridge Aldinger”.

During the 70s and 80s John Rakolta Senior  established a reputation as an honest and shrewd business leader, skilled in both the field and office tasks of construction. During this time, he recognized his responsibility to the industry to build leaders as well as buildings. In doing so, he hired his son and several other then young engineers who he would coach and mentor and guide to become the current leaders of Walbridge. John Rakolta senior played an active role as a leader and mentor in the construction and automotive industries throughout his career. He remained chairman and CEO of Walbridge until 1993 when his son, John Jr. succeeded him.

”Generous, full of energy, this former military pilot originally from Satu Mare in Romania has succeeded in building an empire building”…. see John Rakolta Senior in the following movie 

See you tube below

Interview turned by Cléopatra Lorintiu in Detroit.

 John Rakolta Senior told us about his life, it’s arrivel in the United States from the north of Romania ,he remembered the war when he was pilot and  the fabulous way of his professional career.

Constantin Predeteanu doctor dermatologist, dermatological inventor of the creams and treatments, accompanied by his  wife Maggie Predeteanu, founder and owner of thePredete Private clinic of Birmingham.

Mircea and Georgette Theodorescu, (bussines )

Constantin Bodea (Detroit ) engineer in  building, busines man

Ion Mihut orthodox priest from Detroit(Troy), founder of a Romanian Orthodox Church” Sainte Mary”.The priest Ion Mihut Orthodox Christian, left his department  Bistrita Nasaudhas happens to build the city of Troy in a Christian church.
His memory has emotional attachment to his fellow citizens led him to build a church in which the Romanian Orthodox believers get together and live their traditions and customs!

Alexandru Nemoianu (Jackson) writer, university professor, in the field of the history of the religions at “Vatra romaneasca.”of Orthodoxe Rumanian Church

Ion Cristof doctor, Detroit.

Cristian Petru Balan (Chicago) writer, poet, worried by the truth concerning the victims of Communism, activity as writer with the radio for the broadcast “Vocea Americii” (the Voice of America), very popular radio in Romania during Communism; Interview carried out on the traces of Mircea Eliade and its work, turning made by Cléopatra Lorintiu in the Library where the Romanian erudite  Mircea Eliade has written his  creation.

Vasile Badaluta (Detroit ) businessman, in  wood buildings and owner of a Building firm.He  built by its own means a village close called “Bucovina” of which the streets have the name of the places and the towns of Romania.vasile badaluta and Cleopatra Lorintiu Detroit Bucovina village-Cleopatra Lorintiu;com

Petru Amarei (Chicago)

Peter Tisler (Chicago)

Octavian Cojan (Chicago)

Mircea Mateescu (Chicago)

Interviews carried out in Romania and diffused in the United States during the years 1992-1993 

Fanus NeaguFanus neagu si Gh Tomozei-copyright Cleopatra
Romanian writer, novelist, author of thebook “Most beautiful of the ranks cities”. Interview carried out at the artist, in Bucharest,about his books published andhis  literary projects, the atmosphere of the Club of the writers of the years 1970 in Mogosoaia and his passions forthe soccer.

Caius Traian Dragomir 
(Writer, doctor, ambassador). Dialogue in the Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology and the scientific activity Mrs Ana Aslan, the inventor of the “Gérovital”, founder of the Romanian school of gerontology).

Paul EveracPaul Everac
Playwriter . Interview about his  last book of theatre whose foreword was signed by Cleopatra Lorintiu, the role of the theatre in the life of people and his activity like President of of Romanian Broadcast  Television).

Alexandru Mironov 
Writer, journalist, producer  in broadcast television, ex Minister for the Sport and Youth. Interview on the sport and the activity of the minister like chair federation of fencing of Romania.

Tudor Stoica (editor, director of aPrinting House 

Mihai Ungheanu (writer,literary critic  director    of the literary review “Luceafarul” (Morning Star)  important platform literary  and humanistic tribune for the defence of a national literature,  Interview on his  cration. 

Dr. Georgeta Popescu Interview on her activity as doctor specialist in gerontology in theGeriatrics and gerontology Clinic  Otopeni, “Ana Aslan”.Maria Georgescu  She
also worked in South America for implement the results of the Romanian researches in this field.

  • Interviews with singers and opera singers on their artistic career, their spectacles, and especially their Romanian activity as experts of the folklore. 

    Floarea Calota (traditional  singer representing the area of Teleorman,  south of Romania).

  • Valeria Peter Predescu Valeria Peter Predescu-Cleopatra of  traditional music he canticles and orthodox Rumanian sacred music in the area of Bistrita Nasaud).image : Ene Arsinel

    Stefania Rares ( interpret of traditional musicfro,Moldavie SouthBucovine  area of Suceava).

    Ion Cristoreanu (folklore  singer, last interview carried out in Bucharest in its residence ).

    Sofia Vicoveanca (professional singer)
    of the area of Bucovine. Like actress she was distinguished for interpretation of Vitoria Lipan, in the movie based on the novel of rhe romanian writer Mihai Sadoveanu,Baltagul. 

    Alexandru Pugna (singer of Bistrita Nasaud, noticed by its songs for the ceremonies of marriages and his traditional popular costume of great authenticity of the village Caianu Mic, while wearing the hat with the peacock. Its first cassette of traditional songs was produced by “Luna Editorial House” in 1991et presented by Cleopatra Lorintiu).
    Alexandru Pugna singer from Bistrita Nasaud-Cleopatra

  • Ion Dolanescu (singer ).

  • Irina Loghin (very popular singer among the experts of the Romanian folklor).

  • Lucretia Ciobanu (traditional singer from   Sibiuarea  ,she’s  a reference for the traditional music of Transylvania).

  • Corina Chiriac actress of theatre, cinema, singer of music, which made career also in the United States. I

  • Laza Knejevici (singer of traditional music of the area of Banat, Timisoara).