Documentaries broadcast Identities, public television, TVRomanian  on the Chain Culture 2011 – 2012

1.Our tragic Ulysses – Benjamin Fondane Benjamine Fondane Barbu Fundoianu-Cleopatra

Remember, even a short way, the life and work of writer Benjamine  Fondane alias B. Fundoianu (1989, Iasi-1944, Auschwitz), is primarily a duty to remember.
The documentary film Our tragic Ulysses meet relevant comments by Mircea Martin, renowned literary critic.

The eye of the camera brings us to Paris, Rue de St. Peres, Rue Jacob, Rue Monge and Rue Rollin where  the poet lived.
Finally, we arrive at the Drancy departure location for the death camps, where Fondane was deported to Auschwitz in 1944 to the camps of death and where he died next to his beloved sister, Lina.
Poems by Fondane, evocative images are added to this perspective placed on the pressing need to never forget.

producers Ilinca Ciobanu,Iuliana Costache, director of camera Andrei Corut, editing A.Caravia

difused TVRCultural , 8 february 2012

30 minutes

2.An additional light. Shades of sociology

A foray into the realities of Roma Gypsies in Romania, their history, their contribution has European culture, their customs and their hopes in the future
dr sociolog Vasile Burtea-Cleopatra

The contribution of phd . Vasile Burtea, universities in Bucharest, in sociological research of the minority Rome (Gypsy) is remarkable.
Sociologist, economist, university he became noted for his ability to give nuance to a difficult search for social assistance to disadvantaged groups or involves a high degree of discrimination
The protagonist of this documentary, former Deputy Ombudsman for a period, in Romania, now throws additional light on controversial issues and supports a disturbing argument about dignity to assume ethnicity. Beyond the university course, beyond his professional skills and the image created by the media, what are we teaching the protagonist of this film?
That human dignity is a value in itself. Need to explain and assert ethnicity and by doing that, we do not refuse integration! Instead, it is part of a larger community. That diversity is always rewarding and it can give different values to each people. A moving speech to the integration of Roma Gypsies and compelling examples of their major contribution to the spiritual richness of the Romanian people.

Broadcast, May 2, 2012 TVR Cultural

3.The power of dialogue
Pearls of Wisdom of Fethullah Gulen
Fetullah Gulen-Cleopatra
Identities on the TV show,

There are ideas that can trigger solidarities, sometimes timeless, beyond geographic boundaries. There are ideas that can influence entire generations, which may become a ground miraculous germ humanistic values.

In a world of contradictions when confusion dominates our lives we see that the work of a thinker, philosopher and intellectual Fethullah Gulen as religious has come to change lives and be a source of inspiration. We’ll see how his work has influenced the Romanian intellectuals and also the Turkish community living in Romania.

With the participation of Turkish sociologist Ahmet Ecirli, president of the Foundation TUNA, Susli Omer, Mustafa Erdogan, Phd Emilian M.Dobrescu, dr. Codrin Scutaru researcher, the Institute for Quality of Life with the Romanian Academy.
camera director Viorel Sergovici

April 27, 2011, TVR Cultural




                    Documentaries produced and broadcast on Channel TVR1 (TVR, 2008-2010)

1.Shiites  and Sunnites, enemies brothers ? Adel Murad - Cleopatra Lorintiu
(broadcast TV ,25 min)
In a world with so many wars, in a world of the global confrontation we can say that the misunderstandings, the opposition, the historic quarrel that we, the European we perceiveit, between the Shiites and the Sunnites,became a leitmotiv.

  The split of the Shiism and the Sunnisme goes back upin first timeof the Islam. It is an evidence that the Muslims,  Sunni or Shiite believers, make together the pilgrimage in Mecca; that supports rather the Muslim idea of the unity. Thus the “quarrel” between the Shiites and Sunnites is on a theoretical territory, the ” territory doctrinaire and not on a territory of the war:Well then where from appears this idea of ” religious war ” about which everybody speaks about it?

It is necessary to deepencertain nuances and differences doctrinaires between two main currents of the Islam.
For the world of the faith it is important to stress that the Islam it is the religion which puts in the honor the intimate faith and the personal involvementby supporting the faith, the love of the divine and the self-control.

Documentary with the participation of M. Adel Murad, The Ambassador of  Republic of Iraq in  Romania,  dr. George Grigore, Arab Center of University of Bucarest  , dr.Laura Sitaru,  Bucarest University ,dr.Abu Ola Taiba Association of Muslims in Bucharest (November 2007)

 The aim of the principles of Islam as a religion of tolerance is that the believer were upright, for his own good and the good of his fellow man.
Islam, as well as the other monotheistic religions, is a religion of wisdom, tolerance and dialogue, not violence.
Adel Murad

  2.Living with Islam

 (broadcast TV ,25 ( min)

   Hichem ben YaicheIn this world of the globalization of the third millennium, when the faith has its very differentiating role, with implications at the levels of the politics , the Islam becomes one of the religions of the Europeans. The questions which appear are justifiable : is  it compatible with the other religions and the way of living on Europeans?The Romanians look towards other societieswhich have their experiencein the matter.

That is why that the guest of my film is Mr. Chems Eddine Hafiz, Director General of the CultMoslem in France. It is the political analyst Hichem ben Yaiche who explain the specificity of the Islam in France.

Finally RadwanKadhanoun, Syrian journalist who lives in Romania reviews the question. Specialist in certain questions of European geopolitics,dr.Ronald Hatto of Political Sciences from Paris, speak about the insertion of these believers in a more tolerant European world.

CHEMS Eddine Hafiz from The General Council of Muslims of France
Hichem ben Yaiche, politic analyst IRIS Paris
Dr.Ronald Hatto, Sciences Politiques Paris
Radwan Kadhanoun, journalist,Bucuresti

(february  2008);Duration 25 minutes

See Page Geopolitic

  3.Sufism, poetry and mystical vocation, documentary about the poetry of Mawlana Jalaluddin RumiJalaludin Rumi-Cleopatra tv,25min)

The mystic soufi poet Melwana Jaluludin Rumi (1207-1273) has creates and gave an impulse to a mystic system which made many of the followers by natures of the educationsand by itshumanist character, tolerating towards everything the religions and towards all the nationalities. As poet and mystic Rumi  is known all over the world as creator of a grouping Mevlevi known under the name of the ” Dervishes bends “. Ritualiste dance symbolizes the freedom of the spirit and its preparation for the communion with the divine.
UNESCO marked in 2007 its interest for it ancient custom which so has highly-rated one artistic but represents at first a philosophic and religious conception situated in the continuation of the soufi current. The idea of mystic poetic of Jalaludin Rumi is that the love is on the base of the whole Universe.

with the participation of S. E. Adel Murad, Ambassador of Irak Republic in Romania, S. E. Hamid Reza Arshadi Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Romania, Dr. Luminita Munteanu, University of Bucarest and Dr. Grigore George , 2008 for TVR1

   4.Testimony Christian in Arabic writing in Bucharest

  An  Orthodox Church Holy Spiridon ( the old ) was built in the center of the City of Bucharest  , under the order of the Patriarche Silvestre d Antiochien during the XVIIIth century.Archibishop Theodosios Atallah Hanna-Cleopatra
A text written in Arabic, placed in the entry of this church and developed on the back of an ancient icon, tells all the history:  An art critic and a specialist in the Islamic law tries to decipher the signs of the oriental influence in the art and the Romanian architecture .The Archibishop  Theodosios Attalah Hanna (archibishop of Sevastia)  visits the Arabic Christians  who live in Romania in a small community, but full of faith. The high prelate expresses himself in the senseof the tolerance and the respect any religion, by quoting the message of the poet  Mahmoud Darwish.All these ideas get involved in a film about the confluences of the carpato danubienne orthodoxy and influences of the east:
with the cooperation of
Archibishop of Sevastia Theodosios Atallah Hanna, (Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem), the historian Dan Toma Dulciu and the Syrian journalist Nabila Cuza.

24 min diffused on January 17th, 2009 TVR1

  5.Moderate Islam

Documentary about  this concept of contemporary geopolitics: how it is accepted or not by the believers Moslems? An analysis made by Mr. Adel Murad, the Ambassador of Iraq in Romania, Madam Saana Attalah, Ambassador d’ Egypt in Romania, as well as the Arabic journalists Ahmed Jaber, Rifai Mazen and Radwan Khadanun about the positive integration of the Muslims in the contemporary Rumanian society.

25 min, difused on TVR1 28 march, 2 avril and 4 april on TRV international

Adel Murad interviu Cleopatra Lorintiu-Cleopatra

6.Islam in the Dobrogea county

  Documentary about the islam in  Dobrogea:incursion in the territory of Dobrogea, their customs, their mosques. Shootings in the Mosque Espahan Sultan, Medgidia, in the Mosque Hunkiar in  Constanta , Mosque Carol -Kral Casimi ,Constanta. With the participation of : Yusuf Murad, Chif of  Muslims in Romani,imam Osman Negeat,Leida Inan, Dan Toma Dulciu.

25 min, difused  9 mai 2009 TVR1

moscheea esmahan sultan-cleopatra-

  Others TV documentaries about the Arab world:

 Maroc, a space of cultural interferences : with the participation of Director of Belghazi Museum (1996)

Volubilis, the eternal city (1996)

Documentaries broadcast on Channel 3 TVR Romania, November, 2009 – January,February 2010

1.Remember academician Romulus Vulcanescu: mythologies
   With the cooperation of professor Virgil Vasilescu, author of the book “Les Signes patrimoniaux”, raid in the ancient history of the people which lived on the carpato danubien territory and them faiths, their customs, the way they live. (archive documents)

Shooting realized in the Educational National Library of Bucharest in November, 2009.
 in December 12th, TVR3,2009 

2.The letters of the beginners
scriitorul Tudor Opris acasa-Cleopatra

  Professor Tudor Opris, writer himself, dedicated a good part of his life to the research and the discovery of the young people who are endowed for the literature.

  He also wrote a book on the literary history story of the debuts in the Rumanian literature. At the age of 83, he always confesses on his passion of cultural presenter.

This documentary was awarded in 2011 with Special Award of The FESTIVAL The XV th edition of The International Festival of Film on Art,Ecology and Tourism

TVR3,4 december ,2009

   3. Recoveries in the time and in the space.pyramide
The mystery of the pyramid With the chemical engineer
Lucretia Brezeanu; the Rumanian researcher has create a set of energy balance inspired by the crowns of the Pharaohs of Egypt and studied during years the effects of the pyramid. Broadcasting 18 in December, 2009

   4.The challenges of the contemporary world. Geopolitics.

    The end of the XX th century brought big change in the configuration of the contemporary world; the fall of the cortine of iron also changed the balance and the perspective of observation and analysis.  We can speak about a geopolitics of the conflicts of the end of the millennium; the wars and the instability in the close and the average east, the reducing glance on specificities of the world of the Islam, the way in which the religion can become determining in the distribution of mental one collective easy to be treated or the conflicts frost of the Asian euro space are among the subjects approached by the Geopolitical magazine

With Dr Vasile Simileanu, chief editor of the magazine  Geopolitica
January 15th, 2010
difused TVR3

  5.Restitutions Constantin Noica Romanian philosopher-Cleopatra

The publishing house Ars Docendi (of the University of Bucharest) published around thirty original letters, sent by the philosopher Constantin Noica to Gheorghe Staicu, Romanian economist, during his place of residence forced in the city of Campulung Muscel during the Stalinist period .Ioan Craciun, the director of this editoral house, presents documents, letters and photos. Constantin Noica (1909-1987) writer, essayist and Romanian philosopher marked by the existentialism and the phenomenology, was influenced by Martin Heidegger’s works, Spengler and the other German philosophers.

Interview with Ioan Craciun,difussed 29 january 2010 TVR3

 6.History of a Charming World Museum of Romanian farmer-Cleopatra

 interview with Georgeta Rosu, director of The Museum of the Romanian Farmer in Bucarest

Established in 1990, the Museum of the Romanian farmer is the successor of the Museum of ethnography and popular art, eliminated by the communist authorities in 1978. He suggests presenting the farmer and his world such as he was. The heritage includes approximately 90 000objects m the most ancient dating the middle of the XVIII th century, grouped in the following collections: potteries, suits(costumes), tissues of inside, tools and rooms of furniture liturgical objects (icons painted on wood and under glass, cross, the other liturgical objects). In 1996, the Museum of the Rumanian farmer received the prize EMYA – prize of the best European museum of the year.

Image:Viorel Nicolau
difused 5 february 2010,TVR3

7.Identity and specificity.Young people tatare muslims in Dobrogea.

Hypostases of the Islam in the region of Dobroudja. mosquee Carol Constanta-Cleopatra Lorintiu
With the cooperation of Memur Dervis ( imam), Sali Seigean, Menzt Ghiunal, Aslan Egevit and Belgen Naim, president of the Democratic Union tatare of Medgidia.Placed between the tradition and the adaptation to the present, the Islam practised by the Rumanian Muslims of Dobrogea is constituted over the years as a factor for the preservation of an ethnic specificity and an assertion of an identity. Turk and the tatares which practised it on the territory of  Rumania preserved mosques and at the same time religious practice;
It is in the air of this territory, near the sea, placed under the unspeakable charm of the meetings between worlds different, in the confluences of time, or we find the imprint of this specificity which expresses at the same time a lesson to live together, in the best terms.


 Difussed 19 february 2010, TVR3, 28 minutes.

      8. What  is  the centres of information and documentation of the OECD of Bucharest?
Sheltered in the premises of the Rumanian Academy, the center CRID meets the needs to inquire as regards all the activities of the OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the seat of which is in Paris.
A broadcast realized with the support of Mrs Liliana Zaharia, diplomat of the MAE Foreign Ministry Of Romania
Academie Roumaine nouveau siege-Cleopatra

 Diffused 12 march,2010;TVR3


With Cecilia Caragea and Carmencita Sava, scientific researcher in the industry of cosmetics ( Gerocossen)
Nothing of Cecilia Caragea’s route is either common, or predictable! The stages of her,its) life its surprising: she(it) studied mathematical and of philosophy, she was a journalist and editor in a publishing house, she takes care now of relations public in one limps as Arena Communications and she published a book of ” SMS of love, ” totally exceptional, by putting together an artistic and pragmatic spirit!

diffused 19 march,2010 TVR3

10.What  about the bio resonance in the medicine of the XX century?

An emission on the applications of l’ apparatus CoRe Inergetix de Kiran Schmidt and of the young people enthusiastic who use  it in Bucharest.

with the participation of: Dr. Iulia Vlad, Gina Chipon and Mitica Sarbu.

difused 2 avril 2010,TVR3

11.Pages of the life of a poet. Gh Tomozei-Cleopatra Lorintiu.comGheorghe Tomozei. (1936-1997)

 Documentary with the participation of  the  writer Fanus Neagu, the sister of the poet Nicolae Labis, (Mrs. Margareta Labis) and the actor Ion Besoiu. Return in the memory, turnings on the traces of the poet, in the street or in  his modest  apartment, in his library, a lot of memories of the friends and poems recited by himself.

alexi-cleopatra lorintiu.com12.The confessions of  a painter: Nicolae Aurel Alexi

 Paradoxical and imaginative, professor of painting and nonconformist artist, Alexi are surprising in these confessions, it can conquer the public, make us laugh and be also pushed to think of many things. With its moustache (like Dali! ), it comes from its universe of Transylvania, in pragmatic Bucharest, to add a specific color. Here is an artist who is not played it and that always given pleasure.

camera Corina Tudose, difused mai 2010,TVR3Jeni Costachescu'objects islamic art-Cleopatra

13.Messages, colors, transparencies .A Rumanian presence during the day of the Arab Culture celebrated in Bucharest: The plastic artist Jeni Costachescu. “

The message of the Islamic texts crowned, the writing, wisdom are transposed on same the shapes out of glass, covered in money or gold sheet: objects d’art which cut the breath of the experts and the Moslem believers, enriching by their beauty by public or deprived spaces, in the East. By looking at his work in his entirety one is struck by the interior light of the belief which seems to be the impulse of its art, because almost each group of objects, contains at least an object of gasoline useful for crowned. To join in an artistic way the Christian art and Islamic art represents an opening towards the world, a generous project of dialogue, meeting and reciprocal tolerance, rise on the road of the spirituality.”

juin 2010, TVR3, camera Viorel Nicolau, 25 min

14.Romanian Association for the Inheritance: a creation of  the writer Artur Silvestri.

With  the participation of Teodora Mandru, editor of l’ ARP, Mariana Braescu Silvestri, priest Alexandru Stanciulescu Barda, IPS Vincentiu, l’ archbishop of Calarsi and Slobozia.

2 july,TVR3 camera Sorin Chivulescu,Viorel Nicolau.25 min

15.Without Prejudice. Hours in  Jilava. Guest: Mr. Villiam Oaie,

advisor for the problems of Roma  community in Ilfov County Administrative Board.
(Documentary reportage, 60 minutes, broadcast on 21 novembre2010 Chain Romanian TVR3

The video documentary was made in Jilava during October-November 2010 (a locality in the vicinity of Bucharest, with a predominant population of origin Roma, the name for Gipsy east European population choose after 9o year by themselves) as a starting point the misadventure of some Roma parties elsewhere in Europe to win their lives easier, repatriated to Romania by the French police, subject of great debate international issues of great controversy in the European union.

The report offers an objective look at the lives of Roma and their integration in Romania. With the participation of Mugur Varzariu, photographer, Manea Cătălin Zamfir (Party of the Roma population in Roumanie ), Aureliu Dumitrescu, Professor of History, Lucian Mirea, deputy mayor of the town of Jilava, Tiberiu Petre, school principal, teacher. Elena Stefanescu.
camera :Viorel Sergovici, Remus Tigoianu.

16.The Herbs “Senator “.Stefan Manea and his amazing stories Ing Chimist Stefan Manea-Cleopatra

diffuses 9 January 2011,TVR3 at 15 .OO, documentary ,60 minutes

Chemist renowned director and owner of a company recognized as a Romanian brand quality Hofigal ,eng.Stefan Manea is someone who is always looking for remedies and possibilities for creating new products that have at their base and plants natural products.In this film he talks about his research and products that made the success of his company as
Coenzyme Q10 in sea buckthorn oil(Hippophae rhamnoides),

The Products that have the base Hemp (Cannabis sativa)
the scientific value of amaranth (Amaranthus) to purify the soil and also its antimicrobial effect,

Product “Redigest “able to cure diseases of the stomach and based cuticle of the gizzard of poultry
and many other amazing stories and surprising solutions that are there to get products that heal without adverse effects and without harm. The shoots are done at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bucharest and in the greenhouses of the Hofigal around Bucharest.

There are interventions made by Mrs. dr. AncaDaniela Raiciu, vice president of the Romanian Society of Chemists Cosmetologists, Denise Michele, university of Bucharest Departmental Laboratory Manager Clinic of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Ovidiu Bojor, botanist and member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences Cecilia Caragea, Dr. Nicolae Taranu ozone therapy specialist

Image . Remus Tigoianu, Sorin Popa