Selective catalogue of films

            As director and scenario writer, Cleopatra Lorintiu realized many  documentaries in the Cinema Direction of the TVR Romanian National Television.

Hobita – a state of heart – documentary on the sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Movie about the childhood of the great Romanian sculptor.
A documentary about the place where Constantin Brancusi was born, a village of craftsmen and tailors of wood. In his birth village, Hobita, his nephew reconstitute today , the childhood of Brancusi :a  boy who was going to be a small rebel, impassioned freedom, prisoner of imagination, form and though.
Duration: 40 minutes, image Marian Stanciu 2002.

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Ştefan Augustin Doinaş – (1922-2002)Excellence in the culture.Documentary

 Stefan Augustin Doinas (1922-2002) was one of the major poets of the Romanian literature of the twentieth century. Upon his literary beginning in 1939 for which he received The Award Lovinescu until prices for Excellence in culture, received in 1999 the poet, recognized as excellent translator of poetry Universal took a course full of events , Which he speaks in a very sincere in this film.
The documentary includes the last interview with the poet, images of his village and his prodigious literary career.

Duration 55 minutes
image Liviu Pojoni .

This documentary recived The Price of the Association of the Professionals of the Television of Romania(APTR) for the best cultural documentary  of the year 2000.

The Museum “George Enesco” of the Cantacuzino Palace.
Former residence of Grigore Cantacuzino, (former prime minister of Romania who, at the beginning of the 1900s, was considered the richest man in Romania. Built in 1900 in the French Baroque style with Rococo elements by architect I.D.Berindei. The wife of George Enesco, Maruca Cantacuzino (the daughter-in-low of G.G.Cantacuzino in her first marriage), inherited the palace. In the garden, behind the main palace is the smaller town house which Enesco preferred to use as his home.
Enesco and his wife left Romania after the second war in the moment of the arrival of bolshevism dictator.
The palace is now home to the Museum of the Romanian Music and headquarters Romania’s Association of Musicians.
Duration: 14 minutes

image Vlad  Micu. Price for film of television to the International  ECO Festival for documentaries Targoviste,  2001.
Sequences of the life of an artist Ion Sălişteanu.
Documentary .”As long as there is art, the space between people is still full of substance and meaning,” said the painter Ion Salisteanu (born 1929), plastic artist, honorary president of the Union of Plastic Artists in Romania
Duration 54 minutes,
image Ioan Cristodulo, 2001.
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Freedom of the mind
Documentary on the poetry of Odysseas Elytis.
Odysseas Elytis expresses in his works the magical Greece, silent depository of history, of inconsistencies and of disappointment, of enthusiasm and of chimeras. The mythical realm allows Elytis to somehow identify himself with the poetic mode of life. The Greece set on fire by the summer sun! The Greece of the small villages and of the dusty horizons! The Greece of the temples and of the Acropolis, the Greece carved in rock breathes with every line urging us to purification through thought beyond the sufferings of a transient today, beyond the limping obstacle of all insignificant things.

Similar to a priest, similar to an initiated, Elytis ministers in the austere sanctuary of poetry. Perhaps the Nobel prize awarded to the writer in 1979, sixteen years after Seferis, brought a more thorough meeting with the world, with his contemporaries, with his readers.

Yet he didn’t change his way of living, simple, delicate, withdrawn, the lifestyle of a true poet.


duration: 18 minutes
image :Aristica Popa 2001.
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Documentaries realized in free lance (1992-1994)

The Village Museum  of Bucharest.

The Village Museum, lying on the Herastrau Lake Shore in Bucharest, is one of the biggest and the oldest outdoors museum in Europe. The visitors could see Its houses, pens, churches, water and wind mills, cloth mills, of great historic and artistic value . The objects inside the households – carpets, pottery, rugs, icons, furniture – point to the originality of the folk creation, the sensibility and care for the beauty of the rural people.
Documentary carried out for Chanel 32 Chicago Illinois , USA for the  TV „Suflet românesc”.(Romanian Soul)
Duration: 12 minutes
image Tiberiu Mocanu.


Bucharest  today.
Documentary carried out for Chanel 32 Chicago Illinois the USA for the emission TV “Suflet românesc”. (Romanian Soul)
Duration: 12 minutes image Tiberiu Mocanu.
Paradoxical Chicago
Documentary carried out for Chanel 32 Chicago Illinois the USA for the emission TV “Suflet românesc”.
Duration: 12 minutes
Repeated by Romanian television
Image Cleopatra Lorintiu, editor Ene Arşinel.

Chicago with the two faces.
documentary carried out for Chanel 32 Chicago Illinois the USA for the broadcast  “Suflet românesc”.
Duration: 12 minutes
 Romanian  Broadcast Television
Image Cléopatra Lorintiu, editor Ene Arşinel.

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The “Dealu Monastery” from  Romania
Documentary carried out for Chanel 32 Chicago Illinois the USA for the emission TV „Suflet românesc”.
Broadcast Romanian television
Documentary  broadcast in the emission” Pro Patria” (TVR1).
Duration: 12 minutes
Camera :Ene Arşinel 1993.Putna and Sucevita Monastery . The Putna monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Putna) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery, one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centers established in medieval Moldavia; as with many others, it was built and dedicated by Prince Stephen the Great.Stephen the Great’s tombstone  is at Putna, were is buried together with his third wife Maria Voichita.

camera :Emil Lungu,

Documentaries realized for Romanian Television 1994-2002

Test of color.
Documentary realized in Chicago, Illinois the USA on the young painter Leo Ionita.
Duration: 30 minutes 1994.
A man of the heights and the adventure of Gurjahimal (Hymalaya).
Documentary on the inventor of medicine “INSUVEG.” Born in Transylvania in 1925, dr.Ovidiu Bojor is an important botanist, pharmacist and herbal Romanian, author of dozens of books on flora, medicinal herbs and their uses in pharmacology.
Known as a maverick spirit and full of imagination, Ovidiu Bojor, is the author of several patents in pharmacology including Insuveg, he also participated in expeditions in the Himalaya mountains in search of the unknown and herbs caring. He worked 20 years for evidence of the flora of Romania.
Duration: 24 minutes
camera : Aristica Popa 1994.See pages : Bojor
Breeze of the memory.
Documentary on the life of Florentina Mosora, academician chief of the Chair of Oceanography of the University of Liege, Belgium and interview with dr.Stefan Stan, his husband from Liege .
Paradoxically, with a degree in physics and another in biology, Florentina Mosora was during the’60s Hope cinema in Romania! Some classic films prove it.… (Love to zero degrees in 1965 or Post remaining in
1961But when leaving Romania, it has become th in Belgium a scientist, Academician, dean of the same flesh of Oceanography at the University of Liege. Author of the book “Biomechanical Transport Processes” published in 1991, Florentina Mosora took a course out of the ordinary. Extirpated the fifties, it is mentioned in our film by her husband Dr. Stefan Stan and by Professor Jean Nihouil the University of Liege.
Duration: 28 minutes ,camera : Romeo Stancu 1996.

See page Florentina Mosora

The need of memoryies – a dialogue with Princess Alexandra Caragea

Daughter of Prince Caradgea Aristide (1861-1955) and Matilda Greceanu, Alexandra Caragea (called Tanda) was a princess atypical and had a turbulent life.
During our dialogue, to tour fabulous collections of butterflies, made by his father and sheltered by the Museum of Natural Sciences “Grigore Antipa” of Bucharest, Princess Alexandra Cargea (1920-1997) raised his memories of World War II .The personality of his father, renowned entomology, a lawyer and member of the Romanian Academy, as well as other personalities of the time. Both interviews were made in November 1995 at Baile Herculane and 1996 in Bucharest. Her mind was strong, her  humor intact and his comments full of accuracy.
Duration: 28 minutes, camera : Emil Lungu 1995.

Pages of the catalogue of the ships.
Documentary on  life of the poet Gheorghe Tomozei.(1936-1997)important Romanian poet and writer.His first book of poems,The Blue Bird appeared in 1957, others volumes: Romantic Machineries,Tanit,Ninive,Altair, At the Snow’s Light.He published  more 60 books during his life .A maker of dreaming paradises,Tomozei revives the transparency of the verb,of the lighting sparked by the natural syntax of the poetic self.Tradytional in myth and at the same time modern in the most subtle connotations of language,his verse is a witch’s of the Byzantine spirit and the ancient Carpathien ballads. A movie about his life, his books with inedits footages.Nichita Stanesc, his great friend , wrote about him:”This great poet ..has in his forties attained,in my opinion,a peak of creativity in his so personal, yet at the same time so impresonal style.”
Duration: 60 minutes 1997.
See Page Tomozei

Exercises of friendship.
Documentary realized in Liege, Belgium. Romanians artists  and an exhibition in Liege at Marielle Gallery . with the participation of Aurel Patrascu,Cati Orbulescu,Cristina Iliescu Calinesti)
Duration: 26 minutes

camera : Romeo Stancu ,1996.


The Monasteries Putna and Suceviţa  from Bucovine.


Putna and Sucevita Monastery . The Putna monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Putna) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery, one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centers established in medieval Moldavia; as with many others, it was built and dedicated by Prince Stephen the Great.

Stephen the Great’s tombstone  is at Putna, were is buried together with his third wife Maria Voichita.

camera :Emil Lungu,


The charm of Braila.
Documentary about this town, near Danube  river.Located on the Lower Danube, in south-eastern Romania, Braila, a city is colorful and picturesque harbor, or the memories and legends are linked.N’oublions pas que c’est ici que Hariclea Darclée (1860-1939) a vécu et chanté For this opera singer, Giacomo Puccini composed “Tosca,” Pietro Mascagni wrote “Iris” and Alfredo Catalani, “La Wally”.She also sang the lead in the first of these lyrical operas.This is also the city of the writer Panait Istrati, Romanian prose writer and great friend of Kazantzakis. (Short version) Thea long variant contains a  history of Maria Filotti Theatre as well as interviews with Catalina Buzoianu, George Motoi, and Valeria Seciu Nicu Alifantis carried out in the foyer of the theater.(in the photo)

Camera : Emil Lungu 1996.

Mythological dust.
Documentary portrait of the academician Romulus Vulcănescu. Interview granted in 1997.Extract from last interview given by Academician Romulus Vulcanescu, (1912-1999) ethnologist, anthropologist, historian of religions, the author of books: “Romanian Mythology,” “The  popular masks “, “The column of Heaven”) . Academician liked paradoxes, his answers were brief and clear, he liked to recall the major events of life, his travels in the United States, his correspondence with Mircea Eliade. Ideas on “Mythology and Religion”.

Duration: 28 Mihai Preda

    see page Romulus Vulcanescu


The heritage of the Rosetti family.
Documentary, invited the  architect Gheorghe Rosetti, sun of the academician Alexandru Rosetti.

It’s not easy being the son of Alexandre Rosetti (1895-1990), patriarch of the Romanian culture, linguist, renowned academician, who marked his work and his encyclopedic mind, the contemporary Romanian culture. His son, George Rosetti architect who lives in Paris, evokes (in a dialogue that the filming was done in the family home of Bucharest), memories of childhood and youth, family history and Rosetti that his own life, full of events and friendships
Duration: 28minutes
Image Tiberiu Mocanu 1996

The Palace of Prince Brancoveanu from Mogosoaia.
Documentary artistic.The name of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu is always associated with the cultural renewal of Wallachia at the end of the seventeenth century. The documentary evokes the personality of the prince Brancoveanu and describes the beauty of Mogosoaia Palace (built between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century).
The memories of Antonio del Chiaro, the secretary Venetian prince, Vlach are interpreted in the film by actor George Motoi. They express the dramatic recent months in the life of the prince before his execution by the Turkish and all his son, continued refusal to renounce the Orthodox religion and accept the Mohammedan religion

Duration: 25 minutes
ImageVlad Micu 1999.
Colors of the Maghreb (I)
Documentary on Morocco. Interviewes with Abdelaziz Kossir, peinters  and marocain  artists. Image Cleopatra Lorintiu
Duration: 36 minutes 1996.

Colors of the Maghreb (II)The Museum Belghazi was the realization of a dream. That of a family of artists embroiderers of Fez, direct descendants of lions Jebel Zarhoun; former undisputed masters in the Arab Islamic art. A family that did not stopped feeding a passion for art objects, preserved for centuries: For a long methodical work of search and recovery curator and founder of the museum Abdelilah Belghazi, tells how in the films he brought together an impressive collection of ancient coins belonging to the Moroccan traditional arts.(1996)

Camera – pen.
Documentary in the United States.
Image, scenario : Cleopatra Lorinţiu. (1995-1997)
A photograph of the heart.
Portrait of the photographer Eddy Novarro, Brazil, recognized for the value of his portraits of the big personalities of the whole world. (Childhood in Romania, he arrives in  Rio,  in 1946)
In fifty years of career ,  Eddy Novarro photographed faces of about six hundred artists of his time, without counting the sovereigns, the statesmen and the billionaires of the finance or the industry. Can being it is the one of Picasso who will remain ” brand” Novarro.
Shooting in the studios of the Romanian Television, in  Bucharest.

Image:  Liviu Şurcă 1996.
An exceptional  woman
Documentary in Turin (Italy )
Livia Nitamanager of the Bonansea Company
Image Liviu Şurca , 2000.
 Ezio  Gribaudo..Portrait Ezio Gribaudo (Italian artist born in Turin in 1929 and he lives forever.
Artist plastic and editor, Gribaudo was formed as complex personality with the help of major meetings with Picasso (in 1951 in Vallauris) Moore, Chagall, Dali, De Chirico, Siqueiros, decisive encounter for his work and his life. He received three international awards: in 1965 the Quadriennale in Rome in 1966 at the Venice Biennale and Sao Paolo in 1967 for his graphic works.
His work, his solo exhibitions, his confessions done at Turin, in his studio in 2000.
Confession and interview made in 2000
Documentary – Torino, Italy.
Duration:  10 minutes
Image Liviu Surca.
In Hofburg in company of the conductor Gert Hofbauer. (Musician and conductor, interpreter, Gert Hofbauer has become an image for artistic management. He directs the orchestra Palace Hoffburg, famous for its concerts Viennese music, much appreciated by the public foreigner who visit Austria and, at the same time he is the artistic manag er this orchestra.
Documentary in Vienna
Duration: 15 minutes image Emil Lungu.
And as feel a cristal.Marina Krilovici.
Romanian interpreter original opera, Marina Krilovici won its success on the international scene. She currently lives in Athens (Greece), or indeed the documentary is turned. In his roles of operas by Puccini and Massenet, Marina Krilovici put his talent, his unique voice and especially its force of interpretation. It is not easy to evoke a career as an artist but it did for us and for the Romanian public. In front of the mirror on its terrace surrounded by eucalyptus, among its costumes and its memories, photo albums and posters during the summer of 1995 it was all a portrait of the artist with multiple facets. It was a trip to the world stage, with the memory of emotion capable of artistic

Duration: 28 minutes
Image Aristica Popa 1995.
The violonist and her violon

Documentary on the violinist Lucia Triţă.Romanian violonist,she went on to become the first concert-master in the Radio National Orchestra of Romania until 2002.She has performed as a soloist in tours in Europe ( Spain, Germany, Greece, Romania, Italy) Marocco, Great Britain, with the conductors: E.G. Asensio, E. Ferraris, H. Andreescu,Ilarion Galati,Paul Popescu, P. Sbarcea, C. Marin.Coprincipal in the Orchestra Sinfonica de Galicia, Spain.
Duration: 26 minutes 1996.

Morocco, cultural interference.
Duration: 36 minutes 1997.
A Romanian house in  Chiticaz.
Documentary  in Hungary.
Image Aurel Aldea, 1995.
On the  thread  of the memory.
To remember the composer Nicolae Bretan.(1887-1968) (The daughter of composer Nicolae Bretan, Edith Bretan le Bovit who lives in the United States has decided to do its duty to remember and we gave an interview on the subject of the life of his father, Transylvanian composer  fron tahe town of Nasaud (1887 – 1968)
Duration: 20 minutes 1997.
see page Bretan
His miraculous harp
Documentary about the musician Ion Ivan Roncea, 1996.
Duration 28 minutes.
The proof of image.
Documentary on the theather director Geirun Tino, Vien. (He began in Romania in a theatre province, Bacau where he signed his first plays as a director. This is the artistic climate of Vienna who as drawn and who have also imposed.

Duration: 28 minutes ,1995.

image Emil Lungu


A way for the life.
Documentaries on the painter Gh.Adoc and his wife, Gabriela Manole Adoc (1926-2002), sculptor.
Confessions, souvenirs, projects at the Exposition retrospective Gabriela Manole Adoc in the halls of the Palace of Parliament 1997
.Last  TV interview of the artist.

Duration: 24 minutes.
See page Adoc
The silence of the colors.
Founded in 1992 and the memorial Dimitrie Aurelia Ghiata who is in Bucharest (14, rue Clunet) and reconstructs the path of a couple of particularly popular artists: the painter Dimitrie Ghiata (1888-1972) and his wife, Aurelia, artist decoration. Besides the two artists have donated several of their works and the memorial is located in their former home. It is the art critic Marina Preutu who by his dedication and passion has maintained professional women of this house for years rather difficult.
Image Mihai Preda.
Duration: 24 minutes.
A star among us.
Documentary ,the soprano  Mariana Nicolesco.
Romanian operatic soprano. She made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, in 1978, as Violetta in Verdi’s La Traviata, a role she has reprised over 200 times, later singing Gilda in Verdi’s Rigoletto (1978) and Nedda in Leoncavallo’s I Pagliacci (1978-1986).She sang in the worlds major opera houses such as Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where she had her debut in the world première of Luciano Berio’s La Vera Storia (1982) and later appeared in: The Stone Guest (Donna Anna) by Dargomyzhsky (1983), Lucio Silla (Cinna) by Mozart (1984), Polish Requiem by Penderecki (1985), L’Orfeo (Euridice) by Luigi Rossi (1985), Un re in ascolto (La Protagonista) by Berio (1986), Don Giovanni (Donna Elvira) by Mozart (1987, 1988, 1993), Fetonte (Queen Climene) by Jommelli (1988), Alcyone and Alyssa by Ravel (1990) and three Recitals (1988, 1993)Mariana Nicolesco interpreted a wide repertory from baroque, belcanto to verismo and contemporary music and has been described as an arresting personality with a vibrant voice.the roles of Marzelline in Fidelio by Beethoven, Elettra in Idomeneo, Vitellia in La clemenza di Tito by Mozart, Beatrice di Tenda by Bellini, Anna Bolena, Maria Stuarda, Queen Elisabeth I in Roberto Devereux, Maria di Rohan by Donizetti, Amelia in Simon Boccanegra, Desdemona in Otello, Leonora in Il Trovatore, Luisa in Luisa Miller by Verdi, Marguérite in Faust by Gounod, Tatyana in Evghenij Oneghin by Tchaikovsky, Liù in Turandot by Puccini, Zarina Marina in Dimitry by Dvorak.She appeared in productions signed by Giorgio Strehler, Luca Ronconi, Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, Franco Zeffirelli, Pier Luigi Pizzi, Jonathan Miller and conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Riccardo Muti, Seiji Ozawa,Patrice Chereau Lorin Maazel, Peter Maag, Georges Prêtre, Giuseppe Patané, Alberto Zedda, Colin Davis, Ghennadij Rozhdestvensky; also in prestigious Concerts Halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Royal Festival Hall in London, Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Musikverein in Vienna, Salle Pleyel in Paris, The Great Conservatory Hall in Moscow and the Salzburg Festival, Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Martina Franca Festival, Casals Festival in Puerto Rico.

In the world of the queens of Gaetano Donizzetti- movie about the carrer of Mariana Nicolesco,An Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy since 1993,Officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters in France (2000)
She was also named UNESCO Artist for Peace (2005)She created the Romanian Atheneum International Foundation and donated in 1994 a Steinway grand concert piano.n 1995, she initiated the Hariclea Darclée International Voice Competition and Festival. In the years between an edition of the contest and the next, she offers Master Classes to the young artistsIn 2003, she created the Romanian National Festival and Song Competition and presented for the International George Enescu Year, proclaimed by UNESCO (2005), in world première the composer’s complete songs in Japan, at Aichi World Exhibition as well as in Nagoya and Tokyo, in Prague, Paris, Rome and New York.
1997,50 min


Documentary, portrait of the sculptor, painter, writer Ion Vlasiu (1908-1997)

The last interview of the artist, his artistic credo, confessions about his long and important activity like artist and writer. The interview was realized  in 1996.
In the last dialogues with the sculptor Ion Vlasiu (1908-1997),realized by Cleopatra Lorintiu , he was full of wisdom and a philosophy that is the prerogative of age and experience. It is in this movie nostalgia, mystery and sometimes bitter humor. After a lifetime of hard work, Vlasiu seemed a patriarch of stone and marble in his mountain area in the heart of Transylvania or a philosopher in his workshop in Bucharest, Pangratti Street. .
Sculptor, painter and writer, Ion Vlasiu marked the Romanian culture by its light and its way of life. His works are in museums and collections, evidence of its genuine talent, permeated by the Carpathian atmosphere in which he created and a Romanian national spirit that reminds us of the old master.
Duration: 30 minutes

Joy in the  life.  (Joie de vivre. )
His drawings its full of joy and energy, as the artist herself in a career of almost 60 years Octavia Taralunga (born 19 “Vaidei, Hunedoara county) Fine Arts degree in 1955 in the class of Jules Perahim. She has made thousands of drawings for the book, particularly for children but also watercolors, graphics in which it gave her great talent of designer, his humor and his philosophy of life.
Documentary portrait of the illustrator Octavia Ţarălungă.
Duration: 24 minutes.
For Mister the professor, our love.
Portrait of the writer and professor Tudor Opris (poet, writer, author of hundreds of books on popular science, famous for his  activity in the field of literary Cenacles for children and youth, regarded as the spiritual mentor of  many generations Romanian writers)

Duration: 24 minutes.

See page Opris

These wonderful children and their musical instruments.
Documentary about Musical Youths, Romania (president Luigi Gageos)
In two episodes.
Duration: 30 minutes each one.
Documentary in the memory of Manole Filitti, with the participation of the writer Alexandru Paleologu and Georgeta Penelea Filitti, historian, his wife.

The documentary film about Manole Filitti begins with an evocation makes by himself in 1997, at the time of evening dedicated to the story of one of the most beautiful Palaces of Bucharest, nicknamed Cantacuzino Palace “: The house to the lions “, which shelters nowadays the Museum ” George Enesco “. Come from a family which was in cousinhood with princes valaques, shows of animated moments of the Rumanian history, distinguished and aristocrat , delicate and full of humor, Manole Filitti knew how to survive during period which was not  favorable in no way to the evocation of past! His glance is serene and his  memories full of nuances.
Duration: 30 minutes 2001.

see page Filitti

A beautiful aria
Documentary in Vienna with opera singer Theodor Ciurdea Coresi.
with the participation of Luminita Nielsen.

Duration: 30 minutes
Image Emil Lungu 1995
 The Paradoxes of Nicolae Iliescu. or The world of the  honey

Documentary of the inventor of Apilarnil”, Nicolae V. Ilieşiu.(the last interview of the inventor , about his life and his experiences, like journalist and bees keper. 1997)
The result of its research, which lasted more than 40 years, is the product named “Apilarnil”  important in the apitherapie and the cure of the diseases.)
The bees, the hives, their hidden world, mysterious, attractive, have it continues all its life. It was character of novel, this Mister come from Valley from Somes to Bucharest, Mister which did such an amount of the good, which was of a discretion of aristocrat and that left this world always, very discreetly.

 Duration: 28minutes, 2001

See page Iliesiu

Canadian Diary
In two episodes :the Canadian writer Guy Pariseau (Edmonton,Canada) and the Romanian  ballerina Margareta Zirra, his wife.
Duration: 30minutes 2001.
Healing: The life of Professor Dan Gavriliu the author of the transplant of esophagus

Renowned surgeon gastro enterology, Professor Dan Gavriliu was one of the pioneers of digestive surgery in Romania. Born in Braila in 1915, graduated in medicine in 1941, physician during World War II on the forehead, head of clinical, university professor, author of the first replacement of esophagus, Professor Dan Gavriliu was always a person of great discretion . In this documentary produced in his home and at the University Hospital of Bucharest, with the support of his wife, Dr. Mihaela OPRIS Gavriliu, he remembers key moments of his life. In 1976 he was invited to the Annual Congress of Surgery has been designated as “the best surgeon of the year.” Founding member of the International College of digestive surgery in 1971, he became Visiting Professor Mayo “and gives lectures and demonstrations at Mayo Clinic Rochester, New York, Pittsburgh and San Francisco …

The dust and the gold of the scene.
Documentary on the history of the Romanian ballet with the participation of Margareta Zirra, Gabriel Popescu and Ileana Iliescu. 2002

see page Gabriel Popescu

Margareta Zirra, the former ballerina, principal dancer of the musical Theater of operetta ” Ion Dacian ” of Bucharest  tells memories, golden pages of the history of the contemporary Romanian ballet.

In films them The dust and the gold of the stage, her and her friends: the star of the ballet of opera Ileana Iliescu, the dancer Bojidar Petrov and the music critic Mihai Canciovici discover the story of the Romanian ballet, and evoke the personality of teachers Floria Capsali, Oleg Danovski, Anton Romanovski, or important dancers like  Gabriel Popescu, Irinel Liciu,Marinel Stefanescu. We discover ancient archives of entertainment, photos and posters, their confessions are full of emotion as well as nostalgia for time when they danced and were welcomed under the applauses of public already conquered one.

Duration: 47 minutes.

Pages of the life of a college – Spiru Haret. 2001
Documentary with the participation of Marcel Petrisor (writer) and Adrian Pascu
(historian), Scurtu Nicolae, critic.The college Spiru Haret is one of the most important school in Romania, during the last century.

Duration: 28 minutes 2001.
Lights of Islam – documentaries of Cleopatra Lorintiu difused on the TVR Channel
( 2007-2009 )

See page Geopolitics


Shiites et Sunnites, “enemies brothers” ?

.With the participation of M. Adel Murad, The Ambassador of Iraq  Republic to Romania , dr. George Grigore, Arab Center of University of Bucarest , dr.Laura Sitaru, Bucharest University

“The aim of the principles of Islam as a religion of tolerance is that the believer were upright, for his own good and the good of his fellow man.
Islam, as well as the other monotheistic religions, is a religion of wisdom, tolerance and dialogue, not violence. ”

Diffused November 2007                                                

Living with Islam

( documentary about Islam in Europe and particularly in France in the broadcast SEMNE TVR )
CHEMS Eddine Hafiz from The General Council of Muslims of France
Hichem ben Yaiche, politic analyst IRIS Paris
Dr.Ronald Hatto, Sciences Politiques Paris
Radwan Kadhanoun, journaliste, Bucuresti

Diffused February 2008
Duration 25 minutes
See page Geopolitics

Sufism,poetry and mystical vocation, documentary about the poetry of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi

The idea of mystic poetic of Jalaludin Rumi is that the love is on the base of the whole Universe
with the participation of S.E. Adel Murad, Ambassador of Irak Republic in Romania, S.E. Hamid Reza Arshadi Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Romania, Dr. Luminita Munteanu, University of Bucarest and Dr. Grigore George ,

Diffused 2008 for TVR1

Testimony Christian in Arabic writing in Bucharest

An Orthodox Church Holy Spiridon ( the old ) was built in the center of the City of Bucharest , under the order of the Patriarche Silvestre d Antiochien during the XVIIIth century.with the cooperation of Archibishop of Sevastia Theodosios Atallah Hanna, (Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem), the historian Dan Toma Dulciu and the Syrian journalist Nabila Cuza.

Cleopatra Lorintiu’s film, 24 min
Diffused on January 17th, 2009 TVR1

Moderate Islam,

documentary about a controversy topic

with the participation of M.Adel Murad, Ambassador Of Iraq Republic in Romania, Mrs.  Saana Attalah, Ambasador  of Egypt en Roumanie,  journalists arabs Ahmed Jaber, Rifai Mazen et Radwan Khadanun  about the positive integration of the Muslims in the contemporary Romanian society.©

Difused 28 March 2009 TVR1,4 avril 2009TVRi


The Islam in Dobrogea country

A raid in the history of Turkish and Moslem tatares on the territory of Dobrogea, their customs, their mosques. Shootings in the Mosque Espahan Sultan, Medgidia, in the Mosque Hunkiar de Constanta and in the Mosque Carol-Kral Casimi de Constanta.
With the cooperation of:M. Yusuf Murad, the Leader of the Muslim Cult of Romania, the imam Osman Negeat, Leida Inan, Dan Toma Dulciu, art critic and expert in the Islamic laws.

Diffused 9 May 2009, TVR1

“We are the mysterious Romania “remember Artur Silvestriwith the participation of P.S.Vincentiu, Archi bishop of Slobozia and Calarasi, Alexandru Stanciulescu Bardea, the writer Mariana Braescu Silvestri,

Diffused  November 2009,TVR3