Belated confession:
“First, I felt a violent rejection phenomenon. I hated the world of TV, intrusive culture like” second hand “people on TV, which make it seem that they know everything, and actually they look at the prompter …
How I fell in? I always wonder. “

Cleopatra Lorintiu begins on television with original poems, literary emissions and a commentary about the poetry of the Romanian classic poet from Transylvania, George Cosbuc (1975).

She begins her collaboration with Romanian public television during her  studies as collaborator of the emissions Club T (director Elisabeta Mondanos) in company of the poets Lucian Avramescu and George Tarnea.

The poems of Cleopatra Lorintiu, interpreted by the actors Marcel Iures and  Mirela Gorea, in the poetic moment (realized  by Tudor Vornicu, Ileana Vlad Pop and Ana Potra) in August 1984, in full moment of the “Cultural revolution”, diffused at one hour of great audience irritates the Ceausescu family.

Following the phone call of the wife of the Dictator, the communist censure qualifies the work of Cleopatra Lorintiu like “apolitical and intimate” and the interdict to be diffused on television, by punishing the TV producers.

From this moment it until the fall of Communism it will not have any more the right to appear on the Romanian TV.Only after the anti communist revolution from December 1989, she start to collaborate in television.

In 1991 – 1992 she realized  (with Smaranda Jelescu and Liviu Surca, camera ) a series of the reports, interviews and documentaries in collaboration with the “Centre of the Human Evolution” of Rome and the Images department of Art Studio of Bruno Verazzo Rome, Italy.The documentaries about prof.Michele Trimarchi, prof;Lucianna Papeschi , Mauritzio Amici, Angelamaria Loretto, Luciano Brunamonti are diffused on the Romanian National  Channel.

From 1991 starts again his collaborations with the TV in the TV morning  emission (director Smaranda Jelescu). She speaks about the life of  important writers, about the literature and others culture’s issues. (Emissions about Kenneth Grahame, Johnatan Swift, Hans Christian Andersen, Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield,Sylvia Plath, Nikos Kazantzakis,George Cosbuc )

In 1992 she obtains his  licence of producing and directing a weekly emission for the Romanians abroad, (“Suflet romanesc”) “Romanian Soul”  for the Channel 32 Chicago (Illinois USA).She will carry out complete emissions as presenter, director, scenario writer, producer  and , sometimes,  author of the images with her little camera,  in more of 70 the one hour emissions for the Romanians who live in United States.

She promote an image of real Romania, the return to the traditions even inner own apparitions.

She is going to realize complete broadcasts as presenter, director, scriptwriter, reporter and, sometimes author of the images) in more than 70 broadcasts emissions of one hour intended for the Romanians who live in the United States.


In her broadcasts she tries a link between the Romanians who live in the United    States and them families, their friends, stayed in Romania. It is the beginning of the merger which is not easy. (It is necessary to mention the fact that, only since 1994, the public channel of Television is going to start a coherent project of editorial policy, sent to the Romanians of the foreign countries. She asserts, in the time, that the understanding of the Romanians of the Diaspora will be one of structuring tools of the coming years.

Cleopatra Lorintiu makes shootings in villages and cities where are the families of those who lived in the United States. It is the first dialogue by the interlude of the TV, between families, after year in whom the communication were a dangerous adventure and always hidden, because of the cold war.

Thus the reports are filmed to Certeze, in Maramures, on the Valley of Bargau in the Carpathians Oriental, has Cluj-Napoca or to Sighetul Marmatiei, in quoted some border with Ukraine.

Dressed sometimes in the traditional costume of the region to refresh the memory of those who had left for a long time she is going to enter in house of the farmer and of small farmer, in their craftsmen’s studios in the mill or in the workshop for the manufacturing of the local brandy. (“tzuica”)


In 1994 she begin in Romania in the  “Emissions abroad “ of Romanian Channel  TVR and becomes like chief editor of the  Production of TVR public  channel International until March 1997 (under the direction of Felicia Melescanu)

Some chronicles about   tv emissions  of Cleopatra Lorintiu

    Story about a charmed forest (by Sanda Faur, writer, journalist)

I write these lines with a certain emotion because Cleopatra Lorintiu is our colleague and I am afraid that my words will be qualified as associations, subjective or flattery. I assure you that it is not the case.

Since some good years the poet and the novelist Cleopatra Lorintiu travels all over the world with a vocation of a traveller , sometimes with her own camera, by making film in Thailand or Morocco, in Greece, Italy, Belgium, by crossing after the ocean by bringing us reports of the United States or Canada.

But not only reports containing temptations tourist but on the image of the Romanians of everywhere: from Romanians which were not poisoned by exiles them, by the frustrations or the political confusions and which keep the nostalgia for their country.

A world of the big creators of Romanian art abroad which gives a real image of the strengths which continue to feed the tradition of our culture, granted at the same time to the liberties and to the demands of the art in countries or them live. ” The water drunk during the childhood never disappears from your blood ” said the scholar Henri Coanda and here is Cleopatra by collecting with emotion the proofs of this truth in its series of reports which constitute as an alive museum, as a heritage of our values misled all over the world but which guard roots in the love for Romania.

Thanks to this film we all entered discreetly into this paradise which the couple built: A very poetic isolation, near a lake in the neighbourhood of dears, hedgehogs and beavers.

The house looks like those that live it: have the originality and their refinement. And the reporter, who is a poet, speaks with the hosts and notes every one of their confessions and later, with his camera begins to describe the native nostalgia for the country and gold-coloured, Canadian autumn .

“An excelent film about Stefan Augustin Doinas, National prize of APTR for the best cultural broadcast, 2001.”(by Sanda Faur)

“The sincerity of the poet of long running» is a film about Stefan Augustine Doinas, a film poem with an informative real density.
A film about a poet filtered by the sensibility of the author,
by the eye of the camera and by the susceptibility of the authors.

The dedicated portrait has this personality of the Rumanian culture broke the monographic outlines and testified on the fate of the big writers who made live the second half of the XX century.

Stefan Augustine Doinas confessed on his own compromises, by saying «I am not proud to have made them; I have made for step disappears from the Romanian literature.”
(Chronicle dedicated to the documentary the Excellence in culture: Stefan Augustine Doinas, documentary TV direction cinema 2001. Prize of the Association of the Professionals of the Television APTR for cultural documentary)

Do You remember «The charm of the autobiography “?

A big interview of which our Cleopatra Lorintiu made it last year with the fantastic writer Guy Pariseau, in the middle full of charm of Canada, as well as sound removes with its heart opened to the Romanians. It was of a full dress and an astral dimension, as Cleopatra Lorintiu accustomed to us moreover «(chronicle dedicated to the documentary The charm of the autobiography on Guy Pariseau, TVR on 2001) (by Elvira Ivascu)

«A magnificent documentary : “Mythological Dust ”

purpose Cleopatra Lorintiu, realized with Romulus Vulcanescu and diffused after his death, on Friday, 9 Mars 2001 on the channel of the Romanian Television.
We entered so naturally the particular universe of the scholar, the author of the «Romanian Mythology» by following its memories (souvenirs), fabulous construction of the «Column of the Sky “, its decision to make its doctorate about “Hora”

Why? Because this Romanian dance still exists, it survives in regions that are no again polluted, in the important occasions of the life: the birth of the child, in the marriage of the young person and in ceremony of the burial. I was impressed by the remarks made by Prof.Tudor Opris or N.Scurtu also by the relevance of Cleopatra Lorintiu’s comment.
Does she know that she has the gift of the one who could also teach?

She opens for us of fabulous libraries by going through made sacred books, by helping us to understand them in their depths and to find the Eternal Sources.

She has the conductor’s baton of the Big HARMONY orchestra and for this film of golden archives; she picked things incredible as roguish clouds, the moon, the sun and the shiver of spices, by putting quite this beauties of the nature with arpeggios Celeste. Cleopatra Lorintiu fascinates us with his reports, his films, his chronicles and his memories with her programs of radio and television, high-quality.

(images during the footage in the house of academician Romulus Vulcanescu, 1997)

She is always fresh, always the other one, by offering us unpredictable surprises;
I would say that these things are really presents which she puts delicately, with delicacy as gratitude of Eternal soul Romanian. (by Elvira Ivascu, in the newspaper Ultima ora, 22.03.2001 )

Weekly emission “Point of meeting”( see you tube)

See Interviews

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In 1997 she is director of the cultural emissions like :

“The houses have memories” as a scenario writer, director.

Broadcast like ” The Cantacuzino Palace”, “The House of Ion Ghica” and “The Mogosoaia palace”

Between 1998-2002 she realized the  artistic documentaries in the department “Cinema” directed by Dan Necsulea and Lucia Hossu Longin.

See Documentary

Price of APTR (Association of the Professionals for the Television of Romania) for the documentary “Stefan Augustin Doinas” (Romanian poet) Excellence in the culture, 2001.

In 2002 the film about the poetry of Odysseas Elytis was diffused during “The international meeting for women and peace made by Pact  of Stability  in Thesalonik”, Greece.

See Odysseas Elytis

Price Eco Tour  for film of tourism for film “The Cantacuzino Palace ”
In 2004 the film “Hobita, a state of heart” on the life of Constantin Brancusi, was diffused during the festivals of the University of Nantes” France and by  Poland National Broadcast.

see page Brancusi

Between 2007-2009 she realized the TV documentary“The lights of Islam” for the emission SEMNE ( TVR1)

After october 2009 , she realize  brodcasts for TVR3 ( see pageConfluences)

-At Book Fair Gaudeamus,( 20 november 2010), (Bucharest, Romexpo) Romanian Heritage Association by the voice of its President, Ms. Mariana Braescu Silvestri, has awarded the prize “Romania mysterious”to Cleopatra  Lorintiu, for her  films and television documentaries and for the book of literary essays, “The Vocation of the Way Solitaire” dedicated to the memory of the Romanian writer Artur Silvestri, founder of ARP.







In July 2011 she received the Special Jury Prize in the Festival for the documentaries   DOCUMENT.ART.XV The 15th International Festival of Film on Art,Ecology and Tourism July 18-21 Campulung Muscel  for the movie   ‘The Letters from beginners”  dedicated to   the teacher and writer Tudor Opris. (The film is dedicated to the octogenarian writer Tudor Opris, mentor and inspiration for generations of literary and that has help and support thousands of young people inspired by their love of literature. The Founding President of Document.ARt is Nicolae Luca, the president of the Jury is Mr. Calin Stanculescu)

His documentary film’‘Pearls of Wisdom”dedicated to the philosopher and religious writer of Turkish origin living in the United States, Fettulah Gullen, and appreciated in a public way by the Tuna Foundation. ( on TVR Culural, June 2011).